“Dogs are partners in your lives.”

“They help you find joy even in the simplest things of life.”

“They walk by your sides all through your tragedies and triumphs.”

“The love in their eyes can turn the worst day into the most beautiful day.”

So, celebrate your dog today and every day building the treasures of cheerful moments.

It’s a National Dog Day – a day to recognize the importance of a dog in your life, a day to bring a difference in the life of a rescued dog, a day to celebrate the unconditional love of your dog.

National Dog Day is especially celebrated to help the public recognise the number of dogs that have to be saved each year from public shelters, rescues and pure breed centres. The day is also celebrated to honour the four-legged friends and pets that serve army and service centres to save lives. They risk their lives every single day for their disabled or blind friend, for the law enforcement partner, and for the safety of society by detecting bombs and drugs and pulling victims of tragedy from natural calamities.

In spite of their unconditional love, and service, every year millions of dogs are killed simply because they are unwanted. Furthermore, there are numerous cases that showcase the ban of certain breeds. National Dog Day is also a step forward against any kind of the breed ban. Dogs are our partners on this earth but to meet the selfish ends, they are forced to endure the atrocities at the hands of humans.

Therefore, it is crucial for the society to take the necessary steps to safeguard our furry companions.

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