Fleas are parasites that suck blood from the bodies of pets like cats and dogs after jumping onto their bodies. This results in the pet developing a tendency to scratch and itch intensely, which leads to hair loss along with anaemia due to excessive blood loss. Tapeworm infestation and flea allergy dermatitis – an unpleasant skin issue mainly caused due to an allergy to flea saliva, are both caused by fleas. The little vermin’s can multiply at a lightning pace with a single female flea capable of laying up to 50 eggs in a single day.

Considering the gravity of the situation, it was deemed necessary to design products which were handy, budget-friendly, effective and reliable. One of the products which were developed with the intention of achieving these results is: Frontline Flea Spray.

About the Product:

It was designed with the objective of ensuring complete relief from any fleas, ticks through application of the liquid on different parts of the body.  The spray provides relief from 100% fleas existing on the body within a period of 24 hours. It even continues killing fleas for a period of one month ensuring long-lasting, effective control. At the same time, it can be utilised for application only on dogs and cats, who are above 8 years of age. Frontline Spray For Dogs and Cats is a product, which is considered a non-prescription, OTC (Over the Counter) product.


Frontline spray contains an active ingredient in the form of Fipronil. It is an insecticide which directly disrupts the nervous system of the insect ensuring relief from fleas. The ingredient ensures effectiveness against other diseases like American dog tick, deer ticks as well.

Method of Application:

The pet parent sprays the flea solution on the left side, right side of the body, back &tail, head& face, chest, belly & under the inside legs after wearing a safe pair of gloves. A nozzle is further used for applying an equal number of spray pumps at the 5 areas in calculated doses. The liquid can further be sprayed on the gloves and applied liberally on different areas of the body for ensuring total coverage. The spray should be reapplied after a period of 30 days. The pet can even bathe or swim after 24 hours post the application of the spray.


  • It is effective against tick, flea infestations and helps control sacroptic mange infestations as well.
  • The spray can be utilized without any element of fear on puppies or kittens that are 8 weeks old or even older.
  • Results are visible at an electrifying pace.
  • Adult fleas are killed before they get a chance to lay eggs which helps avoid reinfestation. 

Points to be Careful About:

  • A vet should be consulted before utilisation of the spray on medicated pets, pregnant, nursing or aged pets.
  • Household gloves should be used before application of the spray at any cost.
  • There may be certain side effects following the use of the product for pets. A vet should be consulted if the signs worsen steadily.
  • The spray is flammable in nature and should be kept away from any heat at any cost.
  • It is extremely harmful for humans and accidental consumption of the liquid should be addressed at the earliest by visiting a vet. 

Customer Viewpoint: 

  • Frontline spray has enjoyed praise from customers because of its effectiveness, long-term impact, reasonable pricing and user-friendly properties. The product also enjoys a 5-star rating in majority of the polls conducted. However, some customers have raised concerns over the side-effects faced by their pets after utilising the product. We would advise pet owners to consider the allergies of their pets towards certain chemicals before shopping. Utilising a glove and practicing caution should be enough for avoiding any hazards.

Frontline Flea Spray is an effective product and should be certainly purchased for getting rid of the fleas.

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