Top Health Care Tips for Your Aging Dog

It has been a long time since you and your pet are together. There might have been a lot that you both have shared either memories or tough times but then you finally overcame everything together. And, now when you… Continue Reading →

Facts About Lyme Disease In Dogs Every Parent Should Know

Lyme disease, as you all must be knowing, is a tick-borne disease. Meaning, this particular disease is transmitted by just a solitary tick bite. It is a severe disease and can not only affect humans but also our pets. This… Continue Reading →

Fun Ways To Spend Lockdown With Your Dog

Our entire lives have turned upside down with this coronavirus outbreak. We’re living in these unprecedented times where staying home is the new normal. No one leaves their house without wearing masks and social distancing has become a part of… Continue Reading →

5 Pests That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

Dogs love to play outdoors and explore the world. It can be fun to watch your pet running in the park, playing in the backyard or chasing a bug or any critter. However, it is imperative for pet-parents to know… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why Dogs Require Professional Training

Bringing home a dog is something that light ups your world. And, as a pet-parent you really wanna do everything perfect for your pup. Either a novice or an experienced pet-parent, all are aware of the fact that dogs need… Continue Reading →

How To Handle A Pet With Separation Anxiety

Looking after a dog is not an easy task. From their food to their basic needs, you need to pay heed to the smallest of things. We always shower our pets with love and attention, but sometimes, this can have… Continue Reading →

Best Online Pet Stores in Australia

The world today is already all digital now and that includes shopping too. Speaking of shopping, many pet parents, especially in Australia will probably know about many online pet stores. In this blog, we will be pouring light about the… Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day – The Love Pet Moms Have For Their Fur Baby

Mother – a word that releases numerous emotions in one’s heart. The bond between a mother and her child is precious. Right from the first day a mother brings her child to the family, her life takes an unexpected turn…. Continue Reading →

Do Most People Follow Dog Flea Control Regime?

Flea infestation in the home is treated in various ways. A spot-on/Topical insecticide kills the fleas on the pet. A fogger or spray insecticide containing an insect growth regulator, such as pyriproxyfen or methoprene can kill eggs and pupae, which are quite resistant to insecticides. Most topical flea and… Continue Reading →

Enjoy the Easter Holidays with Discounts on Pet Essentials

Why Wait for Easter Day?? When DiscountPetCare is all set to bring you surprising Easter Day Big Sale before the festivities begin! While Easter is all about hunting for eggs with your family and furry friends, at DiscountPetCare, it’s all… Continue Reading →

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