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Milbemax and Drontal – Which Worm Treatment is Better?

If you’ve seen your dog lose substantial weight of late accompanied by bad abdominal symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea; if it’s being lethargic, there are chances that your four-legged friend has caught a worm infection. And if you get the… Continue Reading →

Geriatric Pet Care: Enhancing Quality of Life in Old Age

Our pets are an integral part of our lives, providing us with joy and companionship. As we age, our pets may require additional care and attention in order to ensure they live a long and fulfilling life. This blog will… Continue Reading →

Traveling With Pets: How to Plan a Safe and Enjoyable Journey

Are you a pet parent and planning for a vacation trip soon? You must have plans to take your pet together as leaving your furry family member behind is not a good idea. But, no matter how excited you are… Continue Reading →

Pet Grooming Tips: Home Bathing and Haircare Techniques

Bringing a new pet into house is not much different from welcoming a new baby into the family. But, pets also require care just like our kids. To keep the pets healthy and happy, care should be taken to provide… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Pet Dental Health Month

August is the next month! Feeling excited. Why? Because it’s the Pet Dental Month! In Australia, the entire August month is celebrated as the pet dental health month, to spread awareness of pet dental care. The month of August is… Continue Reading →

Dog Tail Injuries to Look Out for

As dog owners, we are not alien to the happiness we get when our babies wag their tails in all excited and giddy moods. The tails are said to have minds of their own. They often display the emotions of… Continue Reading →

Simparica Trio FAQs – Comprehensive Guide to Canine Parasite Protection

The first and foremost priority for any dog parent is to make sure that their furry babies are free from worms and other parasites. There is a wide range of proven treatments in the market that help in deworming for… Continue Reading →

Why Your Cat is No Longer Using the Litter Box

Cats are known to be clean animals, because of their habit of dumping their waste in separate and secluded areas. Some cats are fussy, and minor changes in their routine can make them opt for a different place than their… Continue Reading →

Things to Know about Fever in Your Dog

Being a paw parent you’re probably aware of the nose method to know if your dog is running a fever: feel their nose- if it’s cold and wet, they’re fine, but if it is hot and dry then they probably… Continue Reading →

Busting the Myth About Heartworm Disease in Cats

Heartworm disease in cats is often neglected because many people have the misconception that they are not likely to get infected with the disease or have a very low chance of infection and that it can be easily treated at… Continue Reading →

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