6 Pet-Friendly Tips For Australia Day

Are you looking for some pet-friendly Australia Day tips? To begin with, if you’re like us and love pets, you’ll want to include your furry best friend in all of your activities, and Australia Day is no exception. BBQs, heat,… Continue Reading →

Time To Shop Unlimited On Black Friday And Cyber Monday

It’s the best time of the year; the favorite month to shop is just a few days away, we are happy to inform that we are celebrating the Black Friday and Cyber Monday on DiscountPetCare which is fully dedicated to… Continue Reading →

Is Your Dog Really Not Eating?

The importance of food can never be neglected and its impact on life cannot be compared because, one cannot think well, live well, and even sleep well if one has not dined well. There are various reasons why your dog… Continue Reading →

Everything You Need To Know About Common Pet Surgeries

Any surgery for your pet, just like any surgery for a human member of your family, can be stressful. Almost all pets will have at least one surgery during their lifetime, ranging from minor surgical procedures to major, life-saving emergencies…. Continue Reading →

Top 7 Halloween Pet Dangers

Halloween will most likely look different this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. While costume parties and trick-or-treating may undergo some changes, the traditional Halloween pet hazards remain. All Hallows’ Eve, in addition to ghosts and goblins, provides plenty of scares… Continue Reading →

Are You Buying Products Or Poison For Your Pet?

“Taking care of pets is exactly same as taking care of your toddlers. The only difference is they grow and get mature while pets grow and get old.” Being a pet parent we need to be very cautious even at… Continue Reading →

7 Places To Look For Ticks On Your Dog

Finding Ticks on Your Dog: Ticks are annoying bloodsucking parasites that can not only find themselves a permanent home on your dog’s body but can also transmit deadly diseases. Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Canine Anaplasmosis (tick fever), Ehrlichiosis… Continue Reading →

4 Tips to Calm Your Anxious Dog

There are not just humans who face anxiety issues, but all animals get anxious. Dogs get distressed due to the fear of a thunderstorm, fireworks, other pets, strangers, and separation from their owners. But, Anxiety is curable. If you are… Continue Reading →

Is Your Dog Really Safe From Fleas In Winter?

Yes, we are aware of the fact that parasites cannot live long in colder regions. But are you also aware of the reality that they instantly get active if they have even one day that is warmer than the previous… Continue Reading →

National Pet Dental Health Month:

Did you know that most pet parents neglect dental care as an important part of their pet’s grooming? This might be probably because brushing your canine or feline companion’s teeth can be quite a task. However, neglecting your pet’s oral… Continue Reading →

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