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Protein for Cats: What you Need to know?

The importance of a protein-rich diet for humans is known to all. But did you know protein is vital nutrition for your cats too? Cats need more protein compared to many other domestic pets. We all want the best food… Continue Reading →

Tapeworms in Cats: Prevention and Cure

Worms are the small creatures that make the life of cats a nightmare. Fleas and ticks are most commonly affecting parasites that live on a cat’s skin, but what about the worms that find their way into internal organs like… Continue Reading →

Dog Immune-Mediated Diseases: Types, Symptoms, & Treatment

No one likes to watch their beloved pet become ill. That’s why it’s so important to provide them with the nutrition they require to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. Minor colds normally do not necessitate veterinarian intervention; but,… Continue Reading →

7 Tips To Improve Your Pet’s Bad Breath

Staying along with your pet makes you realize all his crazy stuff, his behavior, his likes, his dislikes, and especially his fragrance, odor, and smell.  A regular brushing routine, oral care, constant habit of maintaining oral hygiene can never lead… Continue Reading →

How To Bond With Your Newly Adopted Puppy

The old saying ‘Dogs are the best friends of human beings’ isn’t correct in all circumstances. When you bring home a new puppy, he doesn’t come as your finest comrade. You really need to put in a lot of effort… Continue Reading →

Car Sickness and Motion Sickness in Dogs

For many dogs, going on a car ride is a rewarding experience, owing to the variety of views and smells they get to perceive on the way. However, dogs that experience motion sickness, and become anxious or even nauseous during… Continue Reading →

Understanding Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery in Dogs

Just like humans, dogs too, go through some of the most hurtful illnesses that only subside with surgery and orthopedic surgery is one such ailment. Such ailments might be as a result of age, trauma, a disease, an infection, or… Continue Reading →

Pet Care During A Weather Emergency

Weather emergencies have many names- wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, lightning, thunderstorms, blizzards and so on. Such extreme weather can be a distressing and frightening experience, especially for our pets, who have always felt safe and loved in our warmth. A… Continue Reading →

Holiday Traveling with Pets: A Must-Have List

Traveling can be stressful enough without adding pets to the equation. When you take your dog or cat on vacation, though, you’ll need a lot more than a neck cushion and a travel blanket to keep your furry pet comfortable… Continue Reading →

6 Pet-Friendly Tips For Australia Day

Are you looking for some pet-friendly Australia Day tips? To begin with, if you’re like us and love pets, you’ll want to include your furry best friend in all of your activities, and Australia Day is no exception. BBQs, heat,… Continue Reading →

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