Top 5 Dog Treat Brands in 2022

If your dog is like any other dog, he’ll never say no to a good treat. Even the laziest dogs show their best moves when enticed with treats. While dogs love to snarf up on treats, pet parents love the… Continue Reading →

How To Boost Your Dog’s Energy

If your dog is slower than usual, is ignoring play time, or choosing to lie over the sofa more often, there is a great chance your dog is low on energy. There are several factors that can lead to this… Continue Reading →

Puppy Teething: A Complete Guide

Puppies adorably make the owner fall in love with their cuteness. However, at a young age their habit of chewing and destroying household things and furniture may not please their parents. Puppies like children, go through the process of teething… Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Special Sale On DiscountPetCare!

The act of giving birth does not define a mother. Rather, the deeds of a mother define her. A mother gives love and protects, shelters, and cares for her children. This is a natural instinct that encourages us to be… Continue Reading →

Dog Immune-Mediated Diseases: Types, Symptoms, & Treatment

No one likes to watch their beloved pet become ill. That’s why it’s so important to provide them with the nutrition they require to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. Minor colds normally do not necessitate veterinarian intervention; but,… Continue Reading →

7 Tips To Improve Your Pet’s Bad Breath

Staying along with your pet makes you realize all his crazy stuff, his behavior, his likes, his dislikes, and especially his fragrance, odor, and smell.  A regular brushing routine, oral care, constant habit of maintaining oral hygiene can never lead… Continue Reading →

Extra Easter Savings on Pet Supplies at DiscountPetCare

It’s time to save more and spend less. This Easter visit DiscountPerCare, the most economical online pet supplies store for big savings on all the pet essentials with the extra benefit of FREE shipping. And if you think big discounts… Continue Reading →

5 Best Wet Food Brands for Pets Trending in 2022

One thing is common between our furry friends and us: we love good food! That’s why most pet parents want to choose the best for their pets. But, the best food for our pets is the one that provides full… Continue Reading →

How To Bond With Your Newly Adopted Puppy

The old saying ‘Dogs are the best friends of human beings’ isn’t correct in all circumstances. When you bring home a new puppy, he doesn’t come as your finest comrade. You really need to put in a lot of effort… Continue Reading →

Car Sickness and Motion Sickness in Dogs

For many dogs, going on a car ride is a rewarding experience, owing to the variety of views and smells they get to perceive on the way. However, dogs that experience motion sickness, and become anxious or even nauseous during… Continue Reading →

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