Car Sickness and Motion Sickness in Dogs

For many dogs, going on a car ride is a rewarding experience, owing to the variety of views and smells they get to perceive on the way. However, dogs that experience motion sickness, and become anxious or even nauseous during… Continue Reading →

Home Made Christmas Treats Recipes For Dogs

              ‘Tis the season to be merry, ‘Tis the season of treats and gifts! Why should only humans enjoy a beautiful platter of cookies on Christmas? This Christmas, make one such platter of dog-friendly treats for your lovely dog as… Continue Reading →

Most Common Dog Behavior Problems and How To Fix Them

Have you ever experienced that your dog is barking continuously without any reason? Or that he is chewing up on your expensive furniture? Or, he is trying to bite everyone?  Sometimes, dogs may exhibit such misbehaviors that may let you… Continue Reading →

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Dog Training

Dog training can be a cumbersome and arduous task and despite our best efforts, we tend to fall short at times. But there is nothing to worry about because as they say, try until you succeed. Yeah? Well, that is… Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Offer 2021 | Special Sale For Your Special Furry Friend

Are you a new mom to a beautiful pet? Or is your pet mom expecting newborn puppies? Or do you want to break the monotony and have something fun for them? Whatever the scenario is, the occasion deserves a celebration!… Continue Reading →

Are You Jealous Of My Valentine?

Having someone who can handle all your mood swings is such a blessing! Pretty sure every pet parent thinks the same. Sometimes it feels like there could be no one who can give so much selfless love as our pets…. Continue Reading →

How To Make Australia Day Special For Your Pets?

Australia is a beautiful country filled with a bunch of amazing beaches and rich culture. The Aussies always wear their hearts on their sleeves and each year on the 26th of January, the Australians celebrate Australia Day. Over these years,… Continue Reading →

How Does a Dog Wheelchair Improve Your Disabled Dog’s Life?

Disabled dogs often require that special and extra care to ensure that they can continue to living their life smooth and hurdle free. Although it may be upsetting to see your dog having difficulty in movement, inventions in health care… Continue Reading →

Steps To Check Lumps And Bumps On Your Pets At Home

On one fine day when you are just sitting on your couch, petting your pet and suddenly you find some bump under his skin; well that’s something weird. Having visible lumps and bumps on the pet is normal, but what… Continue Reading →

True Story of Balto – A Dog Who Saved Human Lives

When we say that dogs make our life better, we truly mean it. Dogs bring an abundance of joy into our lives with their adorable and quirky personalities. You often look at the dog as a pet and companion. However,… Continue Reading →

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