Dog training can be a cumbersome and arduous task and despite our best efforts, we tend to fall short at times. But there is nothing to worry about because as they say, try until you succeed. Yeah? Well, that is true. We need to try harder and come up with better techniques. And procedures as well, to train our furry buddy in the best possible way. So it is imperative for pet parents to know what works and what they should refrain from doing. Hence, in this blog, let us look at the do’s and don’ts of proper dog training. This will help every dog parent train their pooch better.

The Do's And Dont's Of Dog Training

The Do’s Of Dog Training:

First, let’s look at the do’s…

#1. Make sure all the focus is on your four-legged munchkin. Training your buddy must all be about understanding their instincts. Also, their natural behaviours too. Knowing this is imperative for good and effective training sessions.

#2. Always be honest when you train your buddy. Moreover, being serious while training is key. So do not fool around or tease your buddy when the session begins.

#3. When training your dog, make sure to reward them lavishly for every good behaviour. As well as for every command your dog follows. Rewarding them with treats is the best way to make your dog grasp things quickly and more efficiently.

#4. Consistency is super important and is very highly recommended. Make sure you use the same words during training as well as the same tone of your voice. This helps your dog understand you better, which is always essential.

#5. You need to anticipate your dog’s actions before he moves because let’s face it, you know your dog the best. And you are the best person to know what your dog would do next. Hence, thinking ahead is very much needed and must be implemented while training your doggy.

#6. Teach your buddy one command at the time. Although dogs are smart, some of them are slow learners so you must be patient. Wait for your buddy to master on particular dog command before moving onto the next one.

#7. Always be kind to your buddy while training because a positive approach will surely lead to positive results. So be kind and calm as well. Oh, also be patient as well because as stated earlier, some dogs take time to get a hang of things.

The Don’ts Of Dog Training:

This is just half the story told. Along with the do’s, a successful training session will also depend on how you comprehend the don’ts as well. So, let’s have a glance at the don’ts…

#1. Do not allow other people to pamper your buddy more than you, especially if you are his or her training master. At the end of the day, you are his leader and since your dog looks up to you and follows your command, you must not allow anyone else to pamper him more than you do.

#2. Never ever end a training session on a negative note. Always try to be positive as much as possible, especially when you are ending the training session for the day.

#3. When you are in a bad mood, do not punish your dog no matter whatever they did was not right. Training should always be a good and happy experience, so keep a calm head and stay cool while you’re at training with your fido.

#4. When its time for your dog’s training session, do not chase after him. Instead, make it routine for your dog to come to you. That’s because you are his trainer, and you must act like one. So make sure your dog comes to you and that its not the other way round.

#5. When you train your buddy, do not deceive them. Never shower them with heaps of praise so that they come running to you and then they are near you, you punish them for being naughty. Always be honest because as they say, honesty is the best policy.

#6. When using a particular command, don’t repeat it continuously until your buddy executes it. Your dog should understand you very early and hence, you must be patient and give them time.

#7. Never ever reward your dog for a particular behavior and then later, admonish him for the same behaviour. This might confuse your dog, and it can lead jeopardize the training session. Always remain consistent and stick by it.

The above is not an exhaustive list but it is more than enough to help you train your buddy in the right manner. It will help you in having successful training sessions with your furry buddy. And remember, if you still aren’t successful, make sure you get in touch with a professional dog trainer and seek his assistance.