Are you a new mom to a beautiful pet? Or is your pet mom expecting newborn puppies? Or do you want to break the monotony and have something fun for them? Whatever the scenario is, the occasion deserves a celebration! And what better day it is to celebrate the essence of a mother’s love than Mother’s Day itself?

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Mother’s Day Special Sale For Your Furry Friend:

With just a couple of more days to go for Mother’s Day 2021, we are sure there’s definitely a party on your mind. And to add to it, we are here with a flat 15% off on every pet product listed on the website! Just use this coupon at the checkout and tada – money saved!!  Surely a double bonanza for you, right?

This isn’t it! We have listed here simple ideas to make Mother’s Day memorable for your pet. Have a look at them:

Arrange a pet picnic

Whether you have just become a pet parent or are already one for a long time, bonding and spending quality time with your dog are essential elements. Although there are several ways to do so, picnics is actually one of the best solutions for bonding, especially for dogs. It is also a good option for them to get fresh air and exercise at the same time. This is because they are at their highest energy level when they first leave the house. Also, a little playtime with you and your family members can be exciting for your four-legged friend. Take along some pet toys too! But, make sure to inspect your dog’s skin, ears, and under its legs for ticks after you return from the picnic.

Provide help to another pet in need

The simplest and most effective way of celebrating Mother’s Day is by making a donation to a pet charity or taking a trip to the local pet shelter. Don’t you think it is a great way to celebrate while supporting other dogs that aren’t as fortunate as yours? Flat 15% off on pet healthcare products can be a blessing if you want to donate pet health supplies for them. Such a donation is extremely tangible and useful. Honestly, helping another pet feel loved and cared for as it waits for its forever home is sometimes more than enough.

Create a safe environment

Your pet dog will feel like a safe haven if you make a house-of-box for them. Make it easy for your dog to eat and drink by ensuring food and water is available nearby, always. It is also very important to have a hygienic and safe environment for dogs. In order to do so, change their bedding often and do a routine skin checkup to avoid persistent skin conditions. This way, your pet will be protected from germs. It will be for the best if you can shop for a dog’s toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash for proper pet hygiene.

Walk down a memory lane

Pet pictures are a way where we get to view dog’s most amusing expressions. Make a habit of keeping unique portraits of your pet. On a special occasion like Mother’s Day, you can revisit its adorable and clumsy pictures you captured. You can also celebrate some favorite memories with your pet. On the eve of Mother’s Day, look back at those pictures and videos together, remembering how much your life has changed because of your furry friend.

To be fair, dogs just want the attention of their owners. So, your mere attention will do the trick. Trust us! Staying home on Mother’s Day will be enough for your beloved furry friend! We’re sure these ideas would have enlightened your pet’s mood and it will love every minute. The 15% discount at DiscountPetCare is our token of love for you to celebrate the joyous Mother’s Day with your pet!