Yes, we are aware of the fact that parasites cannot live long in colder regions.

But are you also aware of the reality that they instantly get active if they have even one day that is warmer than the previous day?

Is Your Dog Really Safe From Flea In Winter?

So, knowing both the facts, would you still risk your pet’s life just because you think that winters are tick and flea-free season?

If you are thinking to rule out the need for flea & tick protection during winter for your canine, we strongly recommend a big ”NO”.

As no season comes without fleas and ticks, and there are no colder regions where you cannot find warmer areas like animal dens, barns, basements, all such places are the favorite sit-outs of the fleas.

The interesting thing about fleas is they can even survive in temperatures as low as 33F for at least 5 days (120+ hours) which is a great time for them to infest and infect. Only one flea is enough to cause flea infestation.

You cannot deny the fact that after any major rainy day the flea spread is at its peak. Knowingly all the facts and actively living all the experiences, we can never risk our dogs’ health, even for one colder month. Though, in winters the chances of getting flea infestation is less but it is not that it is 100% flea-free season.

We care for pets as much as you do, and we understand what it takes to always keep them medicated time-to-time. Our little lovelies need protection from flea and tick all around the year. And we have understood the concern of the pet owners regarding the cost associated with medications. But, we have got a list of effective products ready for your pet at very affordable prices.

We have various spot-on treatments, collars, oral tablets, and even sprinkle spray to choose from depending upon your interest and ease of application at amazing discounted rates at 

Here are some of the best-sellers to protect and treat your dog throughout the year.

  • Nexgard Spectra – Chewables: These are available for all age groups of dogs and also for dogs up to 130lbs. Also, you can choose from two different packs of 3 or 6 tablets each. (These are available for all age groups of dogs for up to 130lbs weight size. You can choose from two different packs of 3 or 6 tablets each.
  • Frontline Plus – Spot on: When it comes to flea and tick protection, Frontline Plus has been one of the first choices of many dog owners for a long time.
  • Frontline Spray: We have two quantities to choose from – 100ml to carry with you if you are traveling to places for longer or 250ml to keep safe in your wardrobe until next time.
  • Seresto Tick and flea control: This flea & tick collar provides long-term protection.) It can be used for a minimum of 4 months to protect from ticks and a maximum of 8 months to protect from flea.

It is not just about winters but also about the times when you visit a new place with your dog; the chances of flea and tick increases as you don’t know how your dog has been affected.