There are not just humans who face anxiety issues, but all animals get anxious. Dogs get distressed due to the fear of a thunderstorm, fireworks, other pets, strangers, and separation from their owners.

4 Tips to Calm Your Anxious Dog

But, Anxiety is curable.

If you are not sure how to go about the anxiety in your dog and want to give them the best care, then you are in the right place.

Observe the behavioral changes of your dog.

You need to be a vigilant towards your dog and observe his behavior. This include abnormal behaviors like – eating aggressively, biting, chewing everything, barking excessively, sitting extremely quiet, lip licking, hyper-vigilance, frequent yawning, and scratching onto anything and everything.

If you find any of these changes in your pet, you can consult a vet because anxiety can be easily recognized and usually evident. You only need to analyze the cause affecting your dog.

Here are some of the proven methods to calm your dog in case of fear and anxiety:

Let’s go Exercise

You need to take your dog for regular exercise. The studies have shown that exercise lowers the levels of aggression, fear, and separation anxiety in dogs. It is considered best when someone from the family accompanies the pet on an exercise routine and gives the perks of playing a fetch game.

Let’s play some Music

Studies have verified that music can calm and soothe everyone. Even dogs! On the days of thunderstorms, you can play soft music by his side. Together you can enjoy the warmth of the room, the rhythm in pouring beats of droplets.

Let’s have a Time-Out

Time-out is a process to get your pet comfortable. Here, you can massage the dog to reduce the impact of tensed muscles caused due to anxiety. Start massaging from the neck region and move in the upward direction to calm him down, then isolate the pet in the relaxation room with dim or low lights and play soft music to make him feel lively and energetic.

No need to hurry, no need to worry.

 It’s just a phase and it will be easy to deal

Let’s get some Medications

No matter how many things you try to deal with its abnormal mental state, you may require the help of medicinal route to treat the ailment because being in an anxious state is excruciating.

Natural Animal Solutions Calm Tablets is a good way to calm your pet. These tablets are purely made of herbs and have no side effects. They are even Vet approved and can be assimilated on their challenging days. But we also recommend you to always seek help from a local Vet who already knows your pet well. To prevent him from big problems, give the appropriate advice against any serious anxiety-disorders.