Whoohooo! It’s Christmas, the extremely popular and glorious festival which brings joy to the hearts of millions of people all around the world. Christmas brings joy, merriment, cheerfulness and a massive surge in neighborhood crime. You must be wondering whether you have read the sentence properly or not with the mention of crime in the same sentence as Christmas itself. Despite all the disbelief which surrounds it, Crime indeed enjoys a rapid surge during the season with retail crime boosted to an extent of 30%. This can emerge as a massive threat for the well-being of your beloved furry munchkin who can easily suffer a fatal attack in the midst of an attempt at robbery or mugging. Taking these factors into consideration, let’s take a look at some reasons why ensuring your pet’s overall safety is vital during the glorious occasion of Christmas and how you can go about ensuring the same:

  • Increased Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs: The festive season of Christmas witnessed celebrations in every corner of the world. However, for a certain section of the society, any form of the celebration involves the misuse of Alcohol and Drugs resulting in loss of sanity and a proper logical approach to situations. With the consumption of Alcohol and Drugs in excessive quantities, there is a rapid surge of crime as a result of a reckless desire to gain access to cash and valuables which can help finance their need for addiction. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that your beloved furry munchkin is safe within his use in a secure room so that his/her personal safety is not compromised in spite of an armed attack by a robber.
  • Increase in Drunk Driving: Christmas witnesses a surge in road accidents caused due to drunk driving as a result of a needless desire to consume alcohol and drive under influence despite being fully aware of the risk posed to commuters. A walk down the road with your adorable four-legged companion may prove to be extremely fatal if a drunk motorist or car driver driving at high speeds fail to effectively maneuver his vehicle despite being in no condition to drive. It is always advisable to ensure that you take your pet with you on a walk only within a secured perimeter for reducing the possibilities of any potential harm. 
  • Christmas tree illuminates the riches and gifts present inside the house: The sight of a beautiful Christmas tree inside the house glittering with gifts and presents all around can be a beautiful sight for your friends, relatives as well as potential burglars sadly. A burglar will deem the presence of glorious gifts all around the tree as a sure shot sign of a big loot in case he/she attempts a break-in. Hence, you should always ensure that your plans do not catch the attention of the wrong set of people by ensuring a low-key celebration at any cost. This can play a big role in ensuring the safety of your furry munchkin this Christmas.

Christmas is an occasion which provides equal happiness to people across different sections of the society without any qualms or discrimination. Ensure the overall safety of your beloved four-legged companion this Christmas while ensuring a quality celebration with your loved ones at the same time.

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