Are you looking for some pet-friendly Australia Day tips? To begin with, if you’re like us and love pets, you’ll want to include your furry best friend in all of your activities, and Australia Day is no exception. BBQs, heat, trips to the beach, and pool parties are all part of Australia Day celebrations. Hence, DiscountPetCare has compiled a list of pet-friendly Australia Day safety tips for you.

1. Cooked bones

Cooked bones are extremely harmful to pets, particularly canines. After you’ve enjoyed the succulent meat, that leftover T-bone or lamb bone is actually quite dangerous for puppies. Cooked bones are harmful for a variety of reasons. They are very prone to produce a blockage in the digestive tract. They can clog the throat, stomach, intestines, or rectum. The deeper up the tract the blockage is, the more work your veterinarian will need to do to resolve the issue. Another consideration is the fragile quality of cooked bones. They have jagged edges, which is concerning. As it goes through your pet’s digestive tract, the cooked bone may perforate the colon or any other place.

2. Heat Stroke

Heat is an important factor to consider. We’re nearing the end of the Australian summer, and we all know how hot it can be in January in Australia. It’s awful that we have to continuously alert pet lovers about the hazards of heatstroke in pets, but it’s unavoidable. Heatstroke can affect any breed, especially if they are exercised in the heat of the day or left in a vehicle. During the Australian summer, it is critical that you keep a constant eye on your pets and avoid exertion or play during the day. Make sure your pets have plenty of drink and shade. During the Australian heat, we recommend walks at daybreak or late at night, and it’s important that you never leave them in the car, even if you’re rushing into the shop.

3. Salt Toxicity

When the sodium concentration in the blood rises, salt poisoning occurs. This can cause pets to vomit, have diarrhea, shake and drool, have seizures, or fall into a coma. Keep an eye out for fish hooks when you’re at the beach. The worst are discarded fish hooks. They have a fishy smell and are quite appealing. The damage they can do as they pass through the digestive tract is more significant than the damage caused by cooked bones. Also, keep an eye out for stonefish or pufferfish along the shoreline. These creatures are extremely harmful if eaten by pets.

4. Pool Party

If you choose to stay at home, keep a watchful eye on your pets in and around the pool, especially if they are elderly, have health issues, or are weak swimmers. Dogs may try to drink the pool water, which may contain salt or chlorine, so have a continual supply of fresh drinking water on hand.

5. Pet-friendly Picnic

Find a shady location among the trees, beneath a marquee, or bring your own outside umbrella so you and your pet can relax. Also, bring lots of water, a bowl, poop bags, and a zip-lock bag of treats! If you’re feeling particularly inventive, head to the kitchen and make some homemade sweets yourself!

6. Fireworks

As part of the celebrations, fireworks will be set off around the country on the night of Australia Day. While the fireworks display may be captivating for us, the sharp bangs of explosions are frightening for many of our pets, and some may attempt to abandon their backyards in a frantic bid to escape the noise. As a result, little furry pals are more likely to get hurt, hit by a car, or become entirely lost far from home. Keep your pet’s microchip and identification information up to date as this can aid in reuniting you with your pet if they become separated from you. Keep your pet inside and stay with them if they are stressed or frightened by fireworks. Background noise, such as a radio or television, can help block out the sound, and playing safe activities indoors can help distract your pet from their fear. A walk earlier in the day can help tire out your pet, and they may fall asleep throughout the fireworks. If this isn’t enough to keep your pet calm, talk to your veterinarian about anxiety control treatment to keep them safe.

Wishing you a happy and safe celebration with your four-legged friend this Australia Day! And since summer is already here, we hope you’re stocked up with some flea and tick preventive treatments to keep protected your beloved pets from those nasty parasites. DiscountPetCare wishes you a safe and happy Australia Day!