The pain of sleepless nights is not limited to those who have little babies. Pets are no less than babies, and hence, pet parents whose pets don’t have a sleep routine also face similar issues. Training your pup to sleep on time at a young age will teach them to maintain discipline.

How to Establish a Perfect Sleep Routine for Dogs

If you’re not sure where to start, keep reading for some simple tips on how to establish a sleep routine for dogs:

Why are sleep routines important?

Dogs are routine-oriented animals, so establishing a routine for your dog will satisfy their habitual needs. Here are a few reasons why you should implement a sleep routine in your dog’s life:

  • It is good for the overall health of dogs.
  • It minimizes the risk of stress and anxiety in dogs.
  • It keeps dogs happy, playful and energized.
  • It helps dogs stay consistent with the other daily routines.
  • Most importantly- Everyone in the house can sleep peacefully.

Establishing a perfect sleep routine for dogs:

Certain factors strongly influence your dog’s sleep. Take care of the few things mentioned here and watch your dog sleep.

Wearing your dog out

The best way to make your dog sleep at night is to provide it with enough opportunities to burn extra energy. Long walks and playing games a few hours before bedtime can exhaust your dog to sleep. Also, encourage your dog to participate in activities that require mental stimulation. Puzzles and other toys that require thought are just as important as exercise.

Comfortable sleeping arrangements

Your dog should have a designated space where it can sleep peacefully. If you keep moving your dog’s sleeping location, it might not be able to have a sound sleep. So, whether you give your dog a cozy bed/crate or let it sleep with you on your bed, make sure you offer him comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Last bathroom break

Take your pet out on the last pee-break before bedtime. This will ensure that this break is sufficient to keep it going until the morning, so your pup gets a sound sleep. However, keep in mind that puppies typically do not sleep through the night until they are around four or five months old, so you may need to schedule potty breaks in the middle of the night until your puppy’s bladder matures.

Calming scents and cuddle toys

Dogs, just like human babies, feel safer with their favorite toys around. Give your dog its favorite cuddle toy to increase its probability of sleeping. However, make sure you hand over a soft, squeaky toy that won’t encourage rambunctious behavior. Spraying a calming scent is also a great idea to prevent bedtime anxiety in dogs.

With these simple tips, you can help your canine friend doze off quickly.