Playing with your dog buddy is really exciting. He never stops or gets tired and always love to get your attention. Researchers suggest that having a dog as your exercise buddy helps you to stay consistent on your routine. On the other hand, it is proved that they help overcome depression and work-stress.

It makes them more valuable as they help us to stay fit both physically and mentally. So, if you are a sporty person and a wannabe dog parent, here’s the list of Dogs you would love to have as your companions while exercising or doing some serious fun activities like running, hiking, swimming, hunting, etc.

11 Best Sporty Dogs For Enthusiasts
  1. Australian Shepherds

He has a sweet, loving personality and has a reputation as one of the most active dog breeds. These dogs are bred to herd; they enjoy playing and are very delicate with children. For grooming them just a good bath will do!

  1. Beagle

Despite being smaller in size, Beagles are outstanding at outdoors. Due to their controlled temperament, it is easy to take them anywhere with you. They are the best family companion.

  1. Bernese Mountain Dog

He goes with his name! Loves outing. Don’t bother about their size or coat. Just take few measures in hot weather.

  1. Boxer

His loyalty and devotion towards the family is remarkable. He is the best dog with children. They need daily exercise as they have high energy levels. They are very intelligent. If you are a runner or a hiker, he’s the best you got!

  1. Collie

These dogs are very good with people of all ages. They too are good hikers and love a morning walk with their keeper. They are loyal and safe to the family. It’s just that they need constant grooming.

  1. Golden Retriever

Most well-known family dog, any breed can hardly beat this stature of his. They are “take us anywhere” dogs due to their extraordinary personality and very stable temperament.

  1. Irish Setter

These are hunting dogs, which are well versed in running and walking long distances. Basically, it has a full package of being an outdoor dog. If you are an active person, this dog is one good option.

  1. Labrador Retriever

They are the right next to Golden Retriever, stable temperament, goofy nature, loving personality and, loyalty make them the first choice of many dog parents. He is excellent with children and also very active.

  1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

He has a strong built with small size, which makes it easy to carry him anywhere. He is very active outdoors and is usually trained as a vigilant watchdog. He has a playful personality and loves running around with kids.

  1. Portuguese Water Dog

He has tons of energy and a great fan of swimming. This dog is a wonderful family companion and also has instincts of a hunting dog. You can go on hiking to a waterfall with him or rest around a farm.

  1. Vizsla

He is a very intelligent dog with an adorable sensitivity and affection towards the family. These are very active dogs that need a bit of exercise every day. They too love swimming and hiking. The docile personality makes it easy to travel with them anywhere.

Aren’t they Awesome? Yes definitely! But to keep them that way we need to take care of their physical health against various diseases and pests. Because over-looking it, might ruin all the fun.

Therefore, it is advised by vets:

• Feed them nutritious food.
• To use proper preventive treatments for fleas and ticks.
• Use good wormers and other pet essentials.
Training a dog or Playing with them is a need not a luxury.
• Proper grooming and hygiene is a must.