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Natural Animal Solutions (NAS) Ultra Magnesium Gel Muscle And Joint Care For Horses And Greyhounds

Natural Animal Solutions (NAS) Ultra Magnesium Gel Muscle And Joint Care is a clinical-grade triple-action gel for use in horses and greyhounds. It is formulated with high-quality natural ingredients and contains Magnesium, Menthol, Camphor, and Arnica, which provide healthy muscle support. The gel is ideal for tired muscles, overexertion, fatigue, and under-saddle muscle care. Moreover, its unique formula is easy to apply to coats and skin and doesn't leave any clumping or sticky residue behind.

This no-fuss, non-drip gel pump is great for on-the-go situations and doesn't spill. It is a fast-acting gel for pre- and post-exercise and is suitable for performance horses and greyhounds.


Natural Animal Solutions

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  • Promotes healthy muscle and under saddle muscle support and care
  • Nourishes joints and tendons with minerals
  • Fast-acting formula for pre- and post-exercise
  • No-fuss, non-drip gel pump for added convenience
  • Easy to apply on skin and coat
  • Doesn't leave any clumping or sticky residue on the site of application
  • Contains premium-quality, all-natural ingredients

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  • Clean and dry the hoof and remove any present mud or dust
  • Apply the gel to the hoof, coronet band, and other affected area
  • Use it once or twice a day
  • After application, keep the site of application clean and dry and allow the gel to penetrate the hoof

Target Species: Horses, cattle, sheep, and goats (livestock)

Mode of Administration: Topical gel

Active Ingredients: Magnesium, Menthol, Camphor, and Arnica

Brand: Natural Animal Solutions (NAS)

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  • Always read the label and instructions before use
  • Consult a vet if the symptoms persist and the condition doesn't improve.

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Natural Animal Solutions (NAS) Ultra Magnesium Muscle And Joint Care Gel Reviews (1)

Product Rated 4/5 (1 customer review)
Sophia – 23 July, 2023
USing it

I bought it last month and I am currently using it. My horse seems to have relieved a bit from his joint injury pain. Well keep using and checking

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