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Auto Delivery is an innovative shopping system which allows you to customise delivery of your favourite pet products as per your schedule and requirements. At, we provide quick, easy and convenient auto-delivery system for you to ensure that you never run out of your pet supplies.

What is Auto Delivery?

Auto delivery is an excellent way to make certain that your stock of pet supplies never runs out. Our auto delivery system allows you to create a recurring order, so that you do not have to remember to reorder your pet treatments. At the time of first order, just choose how often you want the product to be delivered, the delivery address and the mode of payment. The order will be automatically delivered at your doorstep on your chosen schedule.

When will I be charged for the Auto Delivery?

You will be billed at the time when your order is placed. 7 days before your order is to be shipped, we will send you an email reminder that your order is being prepared for shipment. In case of any changes, please call us on our toll free 1300-990-073 immediately.

How can I update my auto delivery?

For any changes or updates in your auto delivery, please contact us via email: or call us on our toll free 1300-990-073. Please Note: Once your order is shipped, it is not possible to change or update your order.

Can I cancel my auto delivery?

Yes! You can cancel your auto delivery by calling us on our toll free 1300-990-073 or email us at However, once the order is shipped, we would not be able to cancel your order.

Thousands of customers are choosing DiscountPetCare’s hassle-free and convenient auto-delivery option to save extra and stock their pet pantry.