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Advocate for Cats

Advocate is easy-to-use spot-on treatment for controlling wide range of parasites. The monthly preventive treats fleas, ear mites, lice, intestinal worms and prevents heartworms in cats. Advocate provides faster treatment as it stops flea bites within 5 minutes of application and starts killing fleas and flea larvae within one hour of treatment. It protects cats from heartworm disease and other intestinal worms. Destroying lice, ear mites, and feline mange mites, Advocate prevents skin conditions and ear infections in cats and is a water-resistant solution.

Suitable for use on:

Cats and kittens from 9 weeks of age



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  • Wide spectrum treatment for internal and external parasites
  • Kills fleas, lice, feline mange mites, and ear mites in cats
  • Prevents flea infestation, breaking flea life cycle
  • Protects cats from heartworm infection caused by Dirofilaria immitis
  • Treats and controls intestinal worms including hookworms, lungworms and roundworms
  • Long lasting effect provides protection for one full month
  • Being waterproof, Advocate is effective even when cat is caught in rain or gets wet through swimming or bathing
  • Safe to use in pregnant or lactating cats

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Target Species: Cats

Mode of Administration: Topical

Active Ingredients: Imidacloprid, Moxidectin

Manufacturer: Bayer

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  • Do not use on sick and debilitated or underweight cats


  • Administer the product MONTHLY to prevent heartworm infection.
  • Recommended to be used all year round.
  • Please seek vet’s advice regarding heartworm testing PRIOR to using this product if – in case your pet is older than 8 weeks of age when you start using this product OR
  • One of the monthly doses is missed or is late by more than 1 week.

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Advocate Reviews (97)

Product Rated 4.9/5 (97 customer reviews)
Christian – 08 February, 2024
Happy Customer

I am happy with how it works. Good experience.

Alexis – 25 January, 2024

Efficient treatment. Worth every penny.

Terry – 18 January, 2024

Works efficiently. I am immensely happy with it.

Roman – 11 January, 2024

I could safely use this product on my pregnant cat.

Orion – 04 January, 2024
Works Well

Works exactly how it is supposed to.

Have A Question?
is this safe for a geriatric cat - 18 years old?
Advocate for Cats is safe to use on kittens and cats over 9 weeks of age.
| Jul 16, 2023
(0) | (1)
does advocate contain permetherin
No. Advocate for Cats contains the active ingredients imidacloprid and moxidectin.
| Jul 19, 2022
(0) | (4)