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Fidos Glucosamine Tablets

Fido’s Glucosamine Tablets are designed to help improve the joint health and function in dogs. It contains easy-to-administer honey-flavored chewable tablets. Fido’s Glucosamine Tablets are a daily nutritional supplement that supports cartilage metabolism in all dog breeds and ages. Each tablet contains 500mg Glucosamine hydrochloride. Long-term use may help reduce non-infectious joint inflammation and may assist in symptomatic relief of pain associated with arthritic conditions in dogs.



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  • A rich supplement for healthy joints
  • Improves joint health and functioning
  • Reduces joint pain and non-infectious inflammation
  • Encourages cartilage renewal to aid joint flexibility.
  • Highly palatable honey-flavored chewable tablets
  • Tablets can be given whole or crushed in food.
  • Suitable for dogs and puppies of all breeds.

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Target species: Dogs

Mode of administration: Oral

Active Ingredients: Glucosamine Hydrochloride 500mg per tablet

Manufacturer: Mavlab

Brand: Fido’s

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  • Meant for animal use only
  • Read all the instruction labeled on the product
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Not recommended for use in acute or infectious joint conditions
  • Use with caution in animals with bleeding, liver or kidney disorders

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