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Food for Mature Pets

Pets get matured when they reach half the age of their life expectancy. During this stage their dietary preferences changes from around 5 years of age for large and giant breed pets and around 7 years of age for small and medium breed pets. After this age they begin to gain weight and other physical and behavioural changes. There are pets that are also at a risk of developing kidney or heart problems. Discount Pet Care understands this and so we offer highly balanced nutrition in the food that keeps the pet young also ensuring that their internal organs are healthy along joint support and skin and coat care. We also ensure that the pets enjoy the taste of the food by providing different flavours loved by pets. Some of the popular brands that we have in stock include: Eukanuba, Hill’s, and Iams amongst others. Get these pet food products for your mature pets today by availing unbelievable discounts!!