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Dry Food

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Dry Food

Dry food diet is one of the most popular categories of pet food in Australia and some other countries. It constituents 90% dry matter and 10% water. The basic advantage of dry food is that it is beneficial for oral hygiene of pets. Discount Pet Care supplies a wide array of dry food for pets encompassing popular brands like Advance, Eukanuba, BlackHawk, Iams, Royal Canin and Hill’s. These dry kibbles are available in different flavours that provide protein source to the pets encompassing chicken, salmon, sardine, kangaroo, and turkey amongst others.  To avail the best offers on dry food, click on one of the food products and reap the benefits of a healthy pet today!!

Dry food is easy to store and administer. Dry food diet for cats and dogs assures good taste, dental hygiene, nutrient absorption and good health to the pet. Find with us a wide range of dry food products for cats and dogs. The food offers adequate nutrients from various sources like lamb, chicken, turkey, salmon, sardine, kangaroo and more.
Feed your pet this nutritious dry food to keep them fit and healthy. Roll down to check our range of dry food from brands like Applaws, Hills, MFM, Advance and more. Buy the best of pet food for your pet now!