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Black Hawk Healthy Benefits Dental Food for Dogs

Black Hawk Healthy Benefits Dental food is prepared specifically for maintaining the oral health of adult dogs. It consists of fibrous plant-based ingredients and comes in the form of tooth-friendly tear-sized kibble that helps in increasing your dog’s chewing activity and cleans their teeth thoroughly. It includes vitamin C which works as an antioxidant and controls the buildup of plaque and tartar. Designed specifically for grown-up and senior dogs, chewing this uniquely textured kibble increases saliva production to neutralize acids and prevent tooth decay. It is a completely balanced diet that is suitable to use for dogs of all breeds and sizes.



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  • Helps maintain the oral health of adult and senior dogs
  • Made of ingredients that help in complete teeth cleaning
  • Contains antioxidants that reduce plaque and tartar buildup
  • Unique tooth-friendly texture to support optimum chewing activity
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Easy-to-feed palatable kibble form

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Target Species: Dogs

Directions for use:

  • Check the weight of your adult or senior dog.
  • Considering their activity level, feed the suitable quantity of kibble to your dog.
  • Make fresh drinking water available to your dog at all times.

Feeding guide

  • This guide is suggestive.
  • The best suitable feeding quantities may differ based on the breed, age, activity level, body condition and neutered status of your dog.
  • You can adjust the quantity as per your dog’s needs.
Current Dog Weight For Less Active Dogs For Active Dogs
KG Grams per day
Up to 2 kg Up to 45g Up to 50g
2 – 5 kg 45 – 85g 50 – 100g
5 – 10 kg 85 – 145g 100 – 170g
10 – 15 kg 145 – 200g 170 – 230g
15 – 25 kg 200 – 290g 230 – 335g
25 – 35 kg 290 – 370g 335 – 430g
Above 35 kg Add 70g per 10kg of additional body weight Add 80g per 10kg of additional body weight
  • While you are transitioning your dog’s food, it is suggested that you do it gradually over a period of one week to ease digestion. Make an addition of Black Hawk into your dog’s daily diet as follows:-
  • Day 1-2:- 25% Black Hawk food in total daily dog diet
  • Day 3-4:- 50% Black Hawk food in total daily dog diet
  • Day 5-6:- 75% Black Hawk food in total daily dog diet
  • Day 7 onwards:- Black Hawk food in total daily dog diet

Active Ingredients: Chicken (meal & fresh), oats, field peas, chicken fat (preserved with natural antioxidants), rice, chickpeas, faba beans, plant cellulose, natural chicken flavour, essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, lactic acid, fish oil, hydrolysed chicken, sweet potato, carrot fibre, dried yeast extracts, sea kelp, vitamin C, zinc proteinate, tomato, coconut oil, emu oil, D-glucosamine, selenium yeast, Yucca schidigera extract, blueberries, carrots, cranberries, peppermint, pumpkin seeds, dandelion, and rosemary.

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  • For dog use only.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Store the unused product in the original package.

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Black Hawk Healthy Benefits Dental Dry Food Reviews (1)

Product Rated 5/5 (1 customer review)
Jasper – 09 October, 2023
Good for oral health

It helps in reducing plaque and tartar buildup and improves my pet's oral health.

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