Ipromea Tummy Time Inner Health Broad Spectrum Probiotic Broth for Dog

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Ipromea Tummy Time Probiotic Supplement for Immune Support

Ipromea Tummy Time Probiotic Supplement for Dogs & Cats is a holistic elixir designed to bolster their wellbeing and immunity from within. Packed with carefully selected probiotics and active ingredients, this broad spectrum prebiotic broth supports a healthy and a balanced gut, ensuring a happier and healthier life for your furry friend.

Ipromea Tummy Time Probiotic Supplement Broth enhances meals and helps effectively avert potential ailments such as gas, bloating, digestive discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, unexplained weight loss, excessive drooling, reduced appetite, frequent shedding, persistent scratching, blood or mucus in stools, etc.

Tummy Time Inner Health reinforces the immune system and acts as a defence against harmful bacteria with its active ingredient called Zoonatant. These active ingredients also help foster a balanced microbiome.



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  • Broad spectrum probiotic broth
  • Suitable for cats and dogs both
  • Promotes a balanced and healthy microbiome
  • Gentle on sensitive stomachs
  • Reinforces the immune system
  • Acts as a defense against harmful bacteria
  • Reduces the symptoms of digestive issues

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Suggested use:

  • As per the suggested serving size chart, add the required body weight range to your pet’s meal and stir.
  • One serve equals approximately 1/2 tablespoon.

For small dogs: < 10 kg – 5ml

For medium dogs: 10 – 25 kg – 15ml

For large dogs: >25 kg – 20ml

Brand: Ipromea Pet Parade

Ingredients: Bifidobacterium spp. Zoonatant™ (Z-100™), Lactobacillus spp. Zoonatant™ (Z-200™), Lactococcus spp. Zoonatant™ (Z-300™), Glycerol, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Chloride.

Product type: Health Supplement

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  • Consume within 60 days.
  • For best results, refrigerate the bottle after opening.
  • Do not use if the seal is broken.
  • Intended for intermittent feeding only.
  • If in doubt, please consult your veterinarian.

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Ipromea Tummy Time Inner Health Broad Spectrum Probiotic Broth Reviews (1)

Product Rated 5/5 (1 customer review)
Emily – 27 October, 2023

Great for my dog's sensitive stomach

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