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Neutrolene Plus Body Acid Neutraliser For Horses

Ranvet Neutrolene Plus for Horses is a body acid neutralizer and alkali reserve replacer with added buffer salts. It is used for the treatment and prevention of acidosis in horses. It neutralizes excess lactic acid in the blood and muscle and improves the recovery rate following strenuous exercise. It aids in the treatment and prevention of dehydration, acidosis and myopathy/ ‘tying up’ by restoring depleted sodium. This acid neutralizer for horses also balance blood pH for optimum performance.



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  • Performance/exercise recovery supplement for horses
  • Specially formulated for elite equestrian horses
  • Treats and prevents dehydration and acidosis
  • Improves recovery rate post heavy exercise
  • Balances blood pH
  • Replenishes alkali reserves
  • Maybe dosed immediately after hard work

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  • Administer orally over the tongue or place the liquid on dry feed.
  • AS ROUTINE: 90mL Daily, as two 45mL doses in separate feeds.
  • AFTER A RACE: an additional 30mL (75mL in total) in the night feed.

Ingredients/L: Sodium Citrate Dihydrate 279.3g, Citric Acid 93.3g, Trometamol (Tris Buffer) 11.4g


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  • Administer as per the dosage instructions
  • Keep away from pets and children

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Ranvet Neutrolene Plus Reviews (3)

Product Rated 4.7/5 (3 customer reviews)
Jason – 01 May, 2023
Tasty and healthy

A tasty and healthy treat for my baby, will buy some more!

Jason – 01 May, 2023
Tasty and healthy

A tasty and healthy treat for my baby, will buy some more!

Sam – 09 November, 2022

It worked for my horses!

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