Wonder why your Fido isn’t eating properly? Huffing and throwing a fit every time you try getting him to eat? Well, you might wanna go back in the past and see what started it all. It’s the pet parents that spoil their pets by giving way too many treats and letting their furry friends eat off of the table. Until you stop the habit of your dog eating table scraps, he’s not going to be interested in the dog food you try to feed him.

Pets are not picky eaters when they’re born but they turn into one as they grow up. Generally, it’s the humans that need to train their dogs or cats. However, if you let your dog eat his favourite food every day and succumb to his petulant behaviour, you are not training him; it’s the other way around. Unless you become strict, your pooch is going to have his way with food. Therefore, your furry pal needs to know who’s in charge of the situation. Hence, for your furry pal’s health, you need to get alert and make an effort to change his eating patterns.

Read below to find out why your Fido is a picky eater –

  • If you feed table food to your furry buddy, it’s not a surprise he doesn’t want to eat his actual meal. Dogs have different nutrition requirements than humans so the leftover food you give to your dog not only lacks the nutrients but also instils a habit of taking food from the table.
  • When growing up, if you fed a different kind of dog food to check which one he liked best, there’s a chance that your buddy thinks that if he doesn’t eat the given food, something better will come along. When you’re trying out different dog foods, it makes the dog think that he will get new kind of tasty food every day, so he won’t be interested in eating the same food.
  • Believe it or not, dogs love cat food. Cat food is very tempting for a dog, so if there’s a cat in your house, ensure the cat eats in a different room.
  • Overfeeding treats can also lead to dogs becoming fussy eaters. It’s understandable, actually. If you had a choice of eating your favourite dishes and desserts for every meal, even you wouldn’t want to go back to eating the packed lunches.
  • When the pet is anxious or under stress like if someone close to him leaves or there’s an alteration in the daily schedule, he will be reluctant to eat.

How to Encourage Picky Eater Dog to Eat Healthier?

Treats are not only harmful to your dog’s health, but it also promotes obesity. The obesity ratio in dogs has skyrocketed in the last few years and it’s all because of unhealthy and high-calorie food. Thus, here are some tips for dealing with a pet who is a fussy eater.

Limit the Treats

Make your dog understand that the treats are for special occasions only. He won’t be getting treats for all of his meals. Remember, your pooch might act vulnerable and sad, but don’t give in. This will be highly beneficial in the long run, so reduce the number of treats you feed him.

Food’s Not Gonna Wait Whole Day

If, in the past, you used to offer 2-3 type of foods to your pooch, transforming his diet patterns now can be challenging. Thus, if your dog thinks that you’re going to offer him something tastier, he’s going to be disappointed. Whenever you feed him, don’t leave the food for more than 30 minutes. If your pooch is hungry, he’ll eat. After a couple of days, he’ll understand that the food you’re providing is the only meal he’s gonna get and if he doesn’t eat that, it’s going to be taken away.

No More Table Scraps

You strictly need to stop encouraging your furry pal to eat food from your plate. If you don’t stop this, he will think it’s okay to eat out of your dish. Inform other members of your family also to not encourage such behaviour so that the dog doesn’t repeat this mistake again.

Feed Him in A Quiet Room

If the place is loud and noisy, your dog will get distracted and won’t finish his meal. Thus, provide his meals in a room where there aren’t many footfalls so that your pooch can eat peacefully.

Use Food Dispenser Toys

To make mealtime interesting, get the puzzle toys where the dog will have to put some efforts to get the food out. This will make even the simplest food interesting to eat.

Dogs are not fussy eaters by nature; it’s the human behaviour that makes them this way. Initially, dogs used to live in the wild and would eat whatever they could find. They didn’t really have any preference. So, if you want your pooch to eat all kind of dog food, inculcate that habit from the day you bring him to your home.

If your pooch isn’t eating properly, you might want to consider adding dietary supplements to his food so he gets all the required nutrients. A supplement like Bark Naturals Vitamin C Boost Powder for Dogs is very beneficial for improving the immune system and providing sufficient vitamin C to dogs.

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