Joint health and bones are one of the major pillars of the dog’s body. Any injury in the joints can hamper their mobility. Thus, it’s imperative to look after your furry pal’s joints to avoid any developmental joint health problems in the future. Your beloved pooch might be suffering from joint pain and you wouldn’t even know as dogs try not to show their pain and suffering to their pet parents. No one wants to see their dog suffer, especially from something that can be easily prevented with the help of supplements.

There are numerous supplements available for improving and maintaining joint health but choosing a product with the right ingredient is vital for optimal results. Therefore, here you’ll find a comprehensive list of food and ingredients that work towards enhancing your furry pal’s joint health.

Key Ingredients for Dog’s Hip and Joint Health

Vitamin C & E

Dogs are capable of producing vitamin C on their own, but the ones facing joint health issues need additional supplements to remain in good health. Moreover, Vitamin C assists in combating free radicals and slowing down the ageing process in dogs. Furthermore, Vitamin C helps in preventing and reducing the inflammation and generating antioxidants in the dog’s body.

Bark Naturals Vitamin C Boost Powder for Dogs is an excellent supplement for dogs with the weak immune system. It strengthens the bone health and prevents infections.


Extracted from cannabis plant, CBD is highly beneficial for dogs that are prone to arthritis. It’s a natural pain reliever which also reduces inflammation and prevents infection in dogs. Moreover, this supplement also slows down the process of arthritis by keeping the dog’s joints healthy.


This is a form of amino sugar that works towards strengthening and restoring the cartilages. Moreover, it also maintains synovial fluid in the dog’s body which is responsible for lubricating the joints. It’s one of the best supplements to use on dogs that are suffering from arthritis.


Curcumin, an active ingredient derived from turmeric plant has numerous benefits. You’ll want to start administering this supplement when you find out how useful it is for the body. Turmeric has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticancer properties. Who knew turmeric was this beneficial? This ingredient not only helps in combating arthritis but also prevents Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes.


Boswellia resin is anti-inflammatory and is beneficial for dogs. It shrinks down the tissues that are inflamed and helps in improving blood supply in the body. Moreover, it regenerates the damaged blood vessels and relieves joint pain caused by arthritis.


It is vital to keep the bones and joints hydrated to sustain mobility and elasticity of the body. This ingredient helps in retaining water in the joint and hinders the enzymes responsible for rupturing cartilages and joint fluid.

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids have antioxidant properties that aids in relieving the pain. This ingredient not only prevents infections but also promotes skin and coat health. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for maintaining overall health.

Bark Naturals Omega & Coconut Oil Supplement is an excellent source for improving your pooch’s joint health and keeping him in good health.


For sufficient cartilage generation, collagen is required. This supplement not only improves bone health but also keeps the skin healthy.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is automatically produced by the body and helps in lubricating the joint fluids. This ingredient is crucial for dogs that have suffered from any injury or are hyperactive. The additional supplement helps in replacing the Hyaluronic Acid which is damaged due to ageing, wear and tear, or trauma.

All the above mentioned natural ingredients are great for your pooch’s health. Every single ingredient has many benefits which maintain healthy joints as well as promotes overall well-being. Joint pain can be excruciating and hamper your pet’s daily activities. Moreover, it can also lead to many joint health issues like osteosarcoma and arthritis. Therefore, ensure you are providing supplements to your four-legged pal so he doesn’t have to suffer from any kind of joint pain.

Discount Pet Care also offers a wide range of dog food products which are not only palatable but also high in nutrition and vitamins. These products will provide the required nutrients to your dog and prevent many health-related conditions.

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