Cat litter is a must when you’re raising a feline; gives your cat a clean place and rids your home from the bad stench. It has been ingrained into them as a survival mechanism to bury their wastes; a means to hide from predators in wild. Like us humans, cats are also very particular about their litter. So if you’re a cat parent, buying the right cat litter is an important task.

Top 5 Cat Litter and Litter Trays in Australia

In this fast-paced world, you may not have the time to go to a store and buy it; instead, you can look for cat litter online and get it delivered to your place. How convenient!

Here are the top 5 cat litters and litter trays in Australia that you can buy for your four-legged family member.

CatMate Litter for Cats

Catmate Litter for Cats

You always want the best you can get for your pet; CatMate litter is a high-quality, eco-friendly litter. It is made of pine-scented wood pellets that are easy-to-use and very absorbent. It also contains natural oils that prevent bacterial growth. Added benefits are low tracking, now you will not have litter particles on your carpets, stain-free, and locally owned in Australia.

CatMate is a popular cat litter brand that is suitable for all types of breeds and is 100% biodegradable.

Wee Kitty Eco Plant Clumping Litter

Wee Kitty Eco Plant Clumping Litter

Wee kitty is a high-end cat litter made from wheat, soy fibers, and plant fiber. It has one of the best absorption, dusting, clumping, and breaking down qualities; meaning there will be no leakages or smells once your cat has used the litter. The litter clumps are chemical-free and easy to handle.

Wee kitty litter is earth-friendly, easy to flush in small quantities, and can absorb 4 times its weight.

Bella Sasso Cat Litter

Bella Sasso Cat Litter

Made of diatomaceous earth; created from crushed diatoms, Bella Sasso cat litter is premium grade, non-toxic natural mineral. The diatoms are a group of algae found in freshwater, which gives it a high capacity for absorbance. Since it is made from all-natural algae, it is free from chemicals, additives, and does not pose any harm to the cats if accidentally inhaled.

Bella Sasso cat litter is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safe for all cat breeds. Additionally, it has low tracking and is dust-free.

CatMate Litter Tray and Scoop

Catmate Litter Tray and Scoop

Cats are obsessed with hygiene and spend a lot of time grooming themselves. This requires you to keep the litter clean; otherwise, the cats will reject it. The CatMate Litter is the perfect solution for you and your cat. The set contains two layers, top layer is made of a sieve, on shaking which will allow the particles to fall through. It also comes with a scoop using which you can remove the used litter. 

The CatMate Litter tray is low-maintenance and convenient to use that will save your time and lasts for a long time.

Wee Kitty Corn Clumping Cat Litter 2Kg/4L

Wee Kitty Corn Clumping Cat Litter 2Kg/4L

Wee Kitty corn clumping litter has been tested against different cat litters and proved to be the best amongst all of them. The litter is made of plant fiber and corn, making it septic friendly and chemical-free. The Wee kitty litter has great absorption of liquid and odor and is dust-free. The package is available in small sizes of 2kg/4L. The cat litter is able to absorb 4 times its weight.

The cat litter is available in different package sizes like 2kg/4L, easy to handle, and keeps the environment clean. Everything you can ask for!

These were the top cat litters, each with its own benefits. Save some time buying from a store and order cats litter online now on Discountpetcare.