The New Year is the right time to reflect on the past year and what all the things you have missed to do for your furry pal. So, not repeating that mistake again this year and making the coming year the best one for your pet, here are the New Year Resolutions you can make.

Pet Weight Loss

  • For total well-being ensure to maintain optimal weight.
  • Ensure that you give proper food.
  • Count the calories.

More Walks

  • Dogs need to be walked daily. A tired dog has a healthy body and healthy mind.
  • For most dog breeds minimum of 1 hour walk is important.
  • If you don’t have any time for the dog walk, just hire a professional dog walker to keep him safe.

Teach New Tricks

  • Just like humans, dogs too need learn new things and behaviour to keep their brains sharp.
  • Stimulating your dog’s mind is quite challenging but it’s a doorway to fulfilment.
  • Give them puzzle toys or puzzle treats to easily trick and stimulate their brains.

More Playtime

  • Give more playtime as it enriches their life and helps to strengthen your bond with him.
  • Play interactive games like Frisbee, Tug-a-war, Fetch and more others.
  • Quality playtime will not keep them happy but also help you distress.

Give Regular Preventives

  • It’s important that you protect them against.
  • Keep them flea and tick control management program.
  • Don’t miss on monthly heartworm preventives.

Schedule Vet Visits

  • Routine vet visits play an important role in pet’s life.  
  • Regular check-up help to diagnose the potential health issues, before they become serious issues.

Setting these resolutions, will make life wonderful for your furry pal amidst the tough times. With that said: Happy New Year!

We Wish You and Your Pet an Amazing year ahead!!!