Dogs are protected with their fur and coat that are a nature given protection to survive through winters. However, many times it happens that dogs do get ill during winters. Hence, fur and coat are not enough to guard your pooch against winter season.

Then What To Do?

Well, there are many things you can do to safeguard your dog from the ill effects of winter. Read below –

  1. Joint Issues And Arthritis

Joint problems are very common in winters. Keep a watch on your dog to see the symptoms of joint pain or arthritis and make sure that you don’t make him exercise more. Special orthopedic beds are available for dogs suffering from joint pain. Joint supplements like Paw Osteocare Chew and Joint Guard are adviced to be given to pets suffering from joint problems and arthritis.

  1. Make Sure Your Pet’s Bed Is Warm

Never commit a mistake of allowing your pet to sleep on a floor. Make sure you provide a warm and comfortable bed to your furry mate. There are heated dog beds available in the market, and you can buy one for your furry companion. If your dog stays outside, make sure that the kennel is heated and has comfortable beddings to keep your pooch warm.

  1. Diet and Exercise

The cold weather and a cosy bed with a warm blanket obviously won’t motivate you to go out and exercise. So, you need to manage your dog’s diet in such a way that you don’t overfeed him. You should feed him according to the calories he/she is burning or else your dog will gain weight and become obese. Provide a small amount of food at different intervals of time.

  1. Grooming

It’s winter season, so, ensure that you don’t trim your furry mate’s fur too short just for the sake of some hairstyle. Use good skin care shampoos and conditioners that keep your pooch’s coat and fur moisturised. Shampoos like Aloveen shampoos and fur and skin care products like Essential 6 are recommended.

  1. Flea And Tick Treatments

Winter season doesn’t mean that your pooch is safe from parasites. There have been many cases of flea and tick outbreak in the country and in all the cases almost one thing was common, careless parents. So, don’t be careless and administer flea and tick treatments like Bravecto chews, frontline plus, Nexgard and etc.

All your dog wants is some love and care. Make sure you provide both to your pooch. Also, consult your vet for in case of any unusual health care issues.

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