It’s not surprising for pet-parents to see their pup getting anxious. Anxiety is common in humans as well as dogs and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some emotional wellness issues like uneasiness or wretchedness hit you out of the blue. Try to recognize what triggers it. On the off chance that your furry pal looks terrified or on edge, see what caused him to respond in such a manner. It could be a more abnormal that appears to be scaring or the absence of essence of the canine’s preferred individual. Furthermore, there are various purposes for what causes nervousness and stress in dogs, and today we will examine some significant causes in detail.

It’s critical to help your pup to escape such a dim and torturing spot. So, let’s take a look at the reasons and types of situation that causes anxiety in dogs.

Symptoms of Anxiety In Dogs

Symptoms of all kinds of anxiety are somewhat interlinked and similar. Below are the symptoms you need to be on a lookout for if you suspect your dog has anxiety.

  • Destructive or aggressive behaviour like ripping off or shredding furniture and curtains.
  • Restlessness behaviour.
  • Loud and excessive barking/howling.
  • Pooping or peeing in the house.
  • Digging, scratching, licking or some kind of compulsive behaviour

Ways To Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety


Exercising works as a great stress-buster even for pets. Exercise helps with a couple of issues when managing a dog dealing with anxiety. It stimulates the production of serotonin which is a chemical that we humans also experience that makes us feel good when we exercise and the same happens to pet when they exercise. Moreover, it gets rid of pent-up aggression and energy that can build up anxiety in dogs.

2.Play some music

It’s not just we humans who can be calmed with the soothing music, it can also help dogs to calm their anxiety issues. Many pet-parents leave a television or radio on when they leave the house to help a dog feel comforted. But there is also specialized music that one can play to help particularly anxious dogs. Through a Dog’s Ear is a selection of music specifically aimed at calming nervous dogs.

3.Massage Your Pet

Anecdotally, physical touch is thought to help ease anxiety in dogs. Even a gentle petting can help them stay calmer during stressful situations. Dogs massage can benefit pets through deep touch pressure, which releases chemicals in the brain that’s equal to getting a war hug. Massaging your dog slowly can be very much beneficial for anxiety related problems and can greatly improve the dog’s lifestyle by keeping them at ease.

4.Try Thundershirt

Thundershirt Grey for dogs is the best calming solution to treat most of your dog fear and anxiety issues. Just putting a Thundershirt on your dog, you can relieve them from most stressful symptoms. With gentle, constant pressure, Thundershirt helps to calm dogs from all types of anxiety, fear and over-excitement issues. With over 80% success rate, this drug free product is safe to use on pets. It is highly beneficial during vet visits, travelling, grooming, training, parties, and celebrations.

Use Products That Keeps Anxiety At Bay

You can also use products such as Adaptil Spray for dogs which is is a specially formulated product with appeasing hormone for relieving stress in dogs. Application of this spray in challenging situations like travel, separation, vet visits, fireworks, and thunderstorm calms the pet down immediately. There’s also Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser that makes dogs feel more confident, more relaxed during challenging situations like loud noises, staying home alone, and fears, training, and during travelling. Select the one that best suits your pup.

If the strategies above don’t relieve your dog’s anxiety, it may be worth to immediately take your dog to the vet to get the proper solution. Lastly, ensure to always love your dog enough to never let him feel lonely or stressful. Your love, care, hugs and cuddles can be much more than any other cure.