Major Symptoms of Heartworms in Your Dog or Cat to Know

A responsible pet parent provides the best care to their pets and tries to keep them free from dangerous infections. In spite of great care pets are infected by many parasites. Among many parasitic infections in furry pals, heartworm is… Continue Reading →

Advocate For Dog- A Panacea For Major Parasitic Infections

A dog’s health is often marred by his enemies in the form of fleas, ticks, worms, heartworms, etc. If fleas bring discomfort to his healthy life, then a disease like heartworm poses a threat to his existence. And, not to… Continue Reading →

Heartworm Disease is Fatal for Pet: How to Deal with It?

Is your pet protected by monthly heartworm preventive treatments? If NO, then he/she has a high risk of getting infected with heartworms. This is potentially fatal infection condition that leads your dog or cat having severe lung disease, heart failure,… Continue Reading →

Heartworms – A Serious Threat to Pets

Pet owners should never be reckless when it comes to security of their pet’s heart. A pet’s entire life is dependent on how their parents take care of them and do not risk it by letting a mosquito bite them…. Continue Reading →

How to Detect Heartworm Disease in Your Dog?

Most dogs are attacked by heartworm disease, which is a silent killer.  And still, there is a lack of awareness about the importance of heartworm preventives in pet owners. Most people take it for granted when it comes treating their… Continue Reading →

6 Questions about Heartworm Disease that Every Pet Owner should Know

Heartworm is a parasitic worm that gets into the heart and vessels of the pet, thereby causing disturbances that can have deadly effects on the health of your fur baby. With every passing day, the disease leads to serious symptoms… Continue Reading →

7 Warning Signs that Point your Dog is Suffering from Heartworms

Heartworm disease is one of those peculiar things that is regarded as a silent killer because it often takes time for its symptoms to reflect on dogs. Sometimes it takes a couple of months, which makes it difficult to prejudge… Continue Reading →

Heartworm Infection – Two Stages of Treatment and Recovery Facts

Heartworm is the most dangerous parasite whose constant threat lurks on the world of dogs. Once infected, it is like hell for dogs to undergo treatment procedure of this disease, which is much more difficult. Not constraining to this, the… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Heartworm Preventive Comparison Chart To Make a RIGHT CHOICE

Normally pet parents get confused between preventives and heartworm treatments. Unaware of what the heartworm preventives are used for many may think that these medications treat heartworm diseases. On the contrary, this is completely a wrong conception. Because heartworm preventatives… Continue Reading →

Here’s What All YOU KNOW about Heartworm Facts Goes WRONG

If you believed that everything you heard about heartworms – your indoor pet will never get heartworm disease, it is easy to treat heartworm or heartworm disease does not occur in cats, dismiss it. Not all heartworm myths are correct,… Continue Reading →

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