Dogs love to play outdoors and explore the world. It can be fun to watch your pet running in the park, playing in the backyard or chasing a bug or any critter. However, it is imperative for pet-parents to know that certain creepy crawlers are dangerous for your pet. Unlike the bugs that simply bite your pet and cause itching there are many critters that can engender dogs to become severely ill if they come in contact to such poisonous creatures.

Therefore, it is important to help your Fido avoid contacting certain pests. Here is a list of pests that can be harmful for your pet.


Fleas on Dogs

Fleas are the dark brown creature that latches on your pet from the surrounding and bites them that causes severe itching. Many dogs are allergic to fleas, which can be a major matter of concern because it can cause flea allergy dermatitis. This is an allergic reaction caused to pets just when a flea lands on them and results into extensive scratching in dogs. If you notice fleas on your pet than ensure to immediately provide him with flea treatments or take him to the vet in case of heavy flea infestation. Fleas, if left untreated can cause tapeworms in dogs, which can be fatal. Ensure to provide flea preventives to your Fido in order to prevent him from flea-borne diseases.


Ticks on Dogs

Dog tick bloodsucking insect

Tenacious ticks are the known as the bloodsuckers as they feed on your pet’s blood after attaching themselves on their skin. If a tick, remains unnoticed for a longer period than it can cause dangerous diseases such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in dogs. Therefore, it is crucial to remove the ticks using a tick remover or tweezers before they can fuel any tick-borne diseases in the pet. You notice multiple ticks on your pet then speak to your vet and provide tick treatment to your pet. Make sure that your pet is treated properly and place him on a monthly preventive.


Mosquito on dogs

Mosquitoes are known as common disease spreaders in humans as well as in pets. An infected mosquito when bites your dog can transmit larvae into their bloodstream causing heartworms in dogs, which holds the potential to be fatal to dogs. Moreover, a mosquito can also transmit other diseases in dogs such as Anemia, Equine encephalitis and West Nile Virus. This parasite can cause harmful diseases in pets if not treated. So, consider providing heartworm preventive to your dog regularly. Furthermore, also provide parasites control products to protect your pet from mosquitoes



Cockroaches are the most irritating creatures that capture the tiny places in your home. They are like those uninvited guests running all over your home and generally found in corners. Cockroaches are common carriers for diseases in pets and humans. It is the pet food that attracts cockroaches and if roaches share your pet’s meal than they could build up poison in his body which can be harmful for your pup’s health. So, consider keeping your pet’s food and water bowls away and protected from cockroaches.

Venomous Spiders & Bees

Venomous spiders are dangerous for your small puppy and for you as well. The poisonous spiders such as Black Widow can cause neuromuscular damage to the pet with a single bite. Moreover, bees are prone to cause mouth pain, swelling and allergic reaction in dogs. Hence, it is crucial to keep an eye on venomous spiders and bees in your home. If you spot any spiders or bees on your pet, than ensure to remove them immediately.

Many topical and oral preventives are available to protect your pet from harmful pests. So, ensure to provide them with the same. In case of any of any sting, insect bite or ingestion, consult your pet as soon as possible to get the required treatment.

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