Flea & Tick

Do Most People Follow Dog Flea Control Regime?

Flea infestation in the home is treated in various ways. A spot-on/Topical insecticide kills the fleas on the pet. A fogger or spray insecticide containing an insect growth regulator, such as pyriproxyfen or methoprene can kill eggs and pupae, which are quite resistant to insecticides. Most topical flea and… Continue Reading →

Comfortis V/S Comfortis Plus For Dogs- Which Is The Better Product

It’s a universal fact that fleas and ticks can infest our furry friends at any given time from anywhere and spread fatal diseases, if left untreated. Well, pet parents may be well aware of the immense threat caused by parasites… Continue Reading →

Comparing Nexgard and Nexgard Spectra for Dogs

The parasites don’t let go even a chance to stay away from your pet. Not only fleas and ticks but the intestinal parasites also haunt your pup. Therefore, Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim has introduced two best products in the market to combat… Continue Reading →

Why Frontline Plus Is The Ideal Product For Your Pets?

There is no denying that the number of diseases in pets has increased manifold. And due to this, many animal manufacturing companies are coming out with products that can help curb this ever-growing issue. While there are many diseases that… Continue Reading →

Ways To Protect Your Dog and Home From Fleas

Fleas are more than just annoying pests as they can cause real health problems on your pet if left untreated. They are the most common parasites found in dogs. As fleas are ubiquitous creatures, it becomes practically impossible to keep… Continue Reading →

Tips on How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dogs need your love, no doubt, but they also need you to take care of them. In fact, taking care of your furry buddy is a part of caring for him, and doing so can go a long way in… Continue Reading →

How To Keep Your Dog Warm And Comfortable This Winter

Dogs are protected with their fur and coat that are a nature given protection to survive through winters. However, many times it happens that dogs do get ill during winters. Hence, fur and coat are not enough to guard your… Continue Reading →

What You Should Know About Heartworms?

Effective Ways Of Getting Rid Of Fleas

Fleas are very annoying creatures. Their main aim is to feed on cats and make their life miserable. Flea infestation can cause itching and restlessness in your cat. This can cause problems for both you and your cat as fleas… Continue Reading →

Capstar Flea Pill –What Vet and Customer Reviews Say

Numerous stories, reviews, ratings have been churning out about Capstar around the web. Pet parents are always looking for the best product for their furry friends and looking through the reviews, they can take the decision to choose the best…. Continue Reading →

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