We never want our furry babies to grow up, but aging is inevitable. Therefore, what pet parents can do is make this transformation process smoother. Aged dogs may face a lot of health issues, though if you’re alert from early on, you can prevent many diseases that are caused due to aging. Therefore, refer to these below points for taking care of your aging dog.

Weight Fluctuation

If your dog suddenly gains or loses weight, it’s a matter of concern. When such sudden fluctuation occurs, it’s an indication of some underlying health issues in a dog. Therefore, it’s crucial to observe your pet for any weight change when he gets older.

Loss of Appetite

Agile pets start to eat less over time. Their teeth may hurt and their smell senses may get affected. Moreover, tartar build-up may also cause tremendous pain and deteriorate your pet’s health. Therefore, consider taking your pet to the veterinarian for regular check-ups. You’ll be surprised at how energetic and happy he feels after getting treated. So, always remember to pay heed to your pet’s oral health.

Joint Pain

This health problem is highly common in old dogs. Dogs are generally hyper-active, so over the years, their joint may suffer from wear and tear, resulting in deteriorating joint health. Moreover, aged dogs are more prone to join health problems compared to young ones. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent joint pain in dogs. You can find plenty of joint health supplements online for overall joint health and improved mobility.


When it comes to diabetes, obese dogs are at a higher risk. In addition, pets with genetic predisposition also succumb to diabetes. It occurs when the body doesn’t produce sufficient insulin thus glucose levels hike up in the bloodstream rather than being used for energy. So, when you’re giving too many treats to your dog, remember that he could get diabetes in the future. Always limit the amount of treats you feed your pooch every day.

Kidney Disease

As the dog ages, his kidney gets weaker from all the overwork through the years. Thankfully, with the advancement in medical field, now it’s possible to diagnose kidney disease at an early stage. Which means you can treat your dog if you observe the signs and take him to the vet immediately. Moreover, you can manage his diet as well by giving low-protein diet so it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the kidney.

Lots of TLC

Apart from all the other precautions, all your furry friend need is lots of TLC ( Training, Love and Commitment) and endless cuddles! Your little doggo has grown up in age but he’ll always stay the little furry munchkin. So,in his aging days, ensure you spend lots of time with your pet and just be there for him.

Ageing dogs don’t ask for much, but still as a pet parent, you need to look after him just like you would to a small baby. So, look after your furry baby and take care!