All cats are great, when it comes to self-cleaning that is of her/his coat. But when it comes to teeth, this can be entirely different matter. As a owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your furry pal’s chompers in her/his mouth all the way till her golden years. If you are thinking, how to go about it? Here are five easy informative steps to maintain your kitty’s oral health.

Take a Whiff:

It is important to check your cat’s breath smell. It is smelling a little fishy, she is actually pretty normal. But make sure, the breath smell is not like a rotten fish. If you get some kind of strong smell, that means the tartar is starting to build up. At this time, you should take your kitty to the vet as soon as possible. Make a note, that you whiff your furry pal’s breath once a week and see to that everything smells normal.

Brush The Teeth:

You should brush your cat’s teeth on regular basis. There are toothpastes, which are specially designed for cat’s teeth. They come in fish or chicken flavour to make it palatable for your cat. Ensure, that you don’t put a human tooth paste in your cat’s mouth, as it can be dangerous and potentially fatal.

Check The Gums:

You will find the tartar build on teeth without any effort, but along with that you need to take a look at your cat’s gums. Make sure, that the gums are pink in colour, not red and free of any signs of swelling. If you find any type of symptoms, take her to the vet immediately. Gum disease can be a serious problem, which can lead to tooth loss and an inability to eat properly.

Notice Odd Behaviour:

Make a point to monitor your cat’s odd behaviour. A cat having problem with teeth or gums may tend to show signs such of wear and tear happening within their mouths. The kitty may be

  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Have troubles with chewing the food
  • There may be excessive drooling
  • You may find blood or pus on your cat’s dry food

If there are such signs, your kitty need help. So, it is essential to keep a watch on your cat for odd behaviours, especially when she is having dinner.


Chews toys can be given to cats too, as even they love to gnaw on the things. Give your feline the best quality, and right size of chew toy. If you want to give a bone to munch on, make sure you pick one that won’t chip in his mouth and cause choke or cut himself. Chews can be given after the meal, as it will help to clean their teeth and reduce build-up of tartar.

After following the above five simple informative steps, it will make easy for you to maintain your cat’s oral health.

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