Lyme disease, as you all must be knowing, is a tick-borne disease. Meaning, this particular disease is transmitted by just a solitary tick bite. It is a severe disease and can not only affect humans but also our pets. This is a multi-systemic disease that affects multiple organs at the same time. Hence, keeping your pets away from ticks is very important. In this blog though, we will be looking at a few Lyme disease facts that every pet parent should know about. So, lets dive in!

Lyme Disease Facts Every Dog Parent Should Know

Below are some Lyme disease related facts that dog parents should know about. Take a good read and do not forget to share them among other pet parents as well.

#Fact 1: Actual Cause Of Lyme Disease

Most say that Lyme disease is caused by ticks, which is incorrect. Ticks are only the carriers of the disease. In actuality, the bacterial spirochetes of the genus Borrelia, most commonly known as Borrelia burgdorferi are the actual cause of this disease.

#Fact 2: All Ticks Carry The Disease?

Not all tick types carry the Lyme disease. Only the black-legged tick or deer tick and western black-legged ticks are the carriers of Lyme disease. Moreover, other species of ticks transmit this disease in Asia and Europe.

#Fact 3: Quick Transmission

Lyme disease is transmitted quickly from ticks. It takes approximately 36 to 48 hours for an infected tick to be attached to your pet’s body before Lyme disease can be transmitted from a tick bite.

#Fact 4: Deer Ticks Can Survive The Cold

Unfortunately, deer ticks; the carriers of the Lyme disease, can survive freezing temperatures (32 °F). So if you think your dog is safe from Lyme disease during the cold wintery months; think again!

#Fact 5: Subtle Symptoms

When a disease is detected, it becomes imperative to take action as quickly as possible. But unfortunately, Lyme disease symptoms are really subtle. It can be difficult to detect symptoms, which is why, regular vet checks is important. And the same time, putting your buddy on a tick preventative schedule is equally essential too.

These 5 facts about Lyme disease should keep pet parents on their toes and help them to be more vigilant when it comes to taking care of their four-legged pals. Stay alert, stay safe, and as usual, keep your pets safe too.

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