Food is the foremost consideration when it comes to the good health of dogs. The fitness, appearance, and strength of a canine completely depend on the kind of nutrition he is getting from his diet. However, due to the availability of such varied variety of products, pet owners often get confused about making the correct choice. They are majorly concerned about the nutritional value and the price a dry food or a wet food holds. So, to make your task easier here is a comparison between the two most common varieties available in every supermarket – Dry Food and Wet Food.

Pros And Cons Of A Dry Food


  • Dry Food is convenient to store.
  • It is not as messy as wet food.
  • You can measure it appropriately.
  • Dry food doesn’t spoil for long.
  • Can also be used as a treat for dogs.
  • Dry Foods are good for dental health.
  • Serve as a source of high energy
  • They are cost effective.


  • Dry Foods contain more grains compared to Wet Foods.
  • They contain more preservatives.
  • May contain more grains than mentioned on the label.
  • Dry foods have lower palatability.

Pros And Cons Of A Wet Food


  • Wet food is very easy to eat.
  • Has better palatability than dry foods.
  • Wet foods have higher protein and fat content.
  • It is easy to digest.
  • Has fewer preservatives compared to dry


  • High on price.
  • It has greater chances of getting spoiled than dry foods.
  • May cause weight gain in dogs


Although wet food does seem a better option to most of the pet owners due to its palatable taste and less preservative concentration, dry foods are equally good. They provide the convenience of use, don’t form plaque and are loaded with the goodness of grains. Moreover, they have an optimum amount of proteins recommended for dogs per day. Additionally, dry foods also don’t contribute to obesity – one of the main causes of several diseases in dogs.

We don’t deny that wet foods are good and must be given to the pets often as they can be easily digested and have a good amount of protein and essential fats. However, we do recommend having a mix of both the foods. You must plan the diet of your dog in a manner that he gets the benefits of both the foods. This way your furry pal will get the optimum nutrition and your expenses would also be balanced. So shop now for your furry without any delusions!

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