As such, we all wait for weekends as it gives us time to rejuvenate and start fresh for a new week but not as much as this one weekend for which every Australian is fairly more excited about—the Easter. Easter is one of the oldest festivals celebrated over the world and everyone including the children and the seniors are equally excited about it!

Ways to Make Easter Celebrations More Exciting

There are many fun and traditional activities that people do on Easter with their near and dear ones but how can we forget to include our most adorable and dearest family members (pets!) on this special occasion? 

Perhaps we know that you can never forget to include your furry friends, and therefore you are here to look up for some exciting ways to celebrate Easter with them. You’ve landed onto the right place!

Make your Easter memorable with these ideas:

1. Prepare a feast:

This sure goes unsaid for Easter but isn’t it the most important part? After all, what’s a celebration without food? Easter means prepping up for hot pancakes, cross buns, bacon pies, and Easter eggs; and devouring them to your heart’s content! However, these foods might not be suitable for your ball of fur and that’s why you will have to take out some extra time to prepare festive meals for them. You can make Easter treats like cookies and egg dishes for them. There are plenty of videos available on YouTube about DIY Easter treats for pets for reference. Avoid feeding them the dishes you’ve prepared for your family, and especially the Chocolate Easter Eggs, as by now most of us are aware that chocolates can be harmful for our pets.

If you don’t have the time to prepare special food for your pets, don’t worry. We can understand your busy schedule and hence here’s a pro-tip you can follow: You can prepare/buy fancy pet-themed or Easter-themed plates or bowls and serve the usual pet food in it. Sometimes the presentation of the same old food in a different way can also change the whole vibe!

You can also check out umpteen different varieties of pet food that we provide on a platter of DiscountPetCare by clicking here if you really want to treat your pets with a special meal!

2. Plan a Party:

By planning a party we mean having your loved ones over to enjoy fun activities to make the best possible Easter memories. Of course, Egg Hunting and Egg Rolling have to be there on your activity list but here are a few more ideas: You can plan to watch a movie, arrange a dance party, decorate Easter trees and Easter Eggs, go out and watch parades, and much more— all with your four-legged companions, but don’t forget to take a lot of selfies!

3. Doll up yourself and your pooch:

We all like to prettify occasionally and when it’s a festival as big as Easter, dressing up fine is a must. Also, holidays are for pampering ourselves—so going to a salon or getting a spa isn’t a bad idea too. But don’t forget to take along your beloved pets too! Take them to professional groomers for a hair-cut or a good pet care session. Buy them special clothes and cool accessories for Easter. Your pet should look as stunning as you do!

4. Take a Trip:

Most of us might haven’t had any trips in the last year due to the restrictions that came along with the global pandemic but now when we are on a verge of defeating it, you can surely plan a trip with your family, friends, and pets.  Also, Easter is an ideal time for a weekend getaway. Research well about pet-friendly places and pet-friendly hotel accommodations so that the trip can be enjoyable for you and your fur baby both.

5. Gifts make everyone happy (pets too!):

Gifting is the best form of expressing gratitude and affection to our loved ones. We know you might have countless ideas when it comes to gifting your folks but what about gifting your pets? They love gifts too (Although they are never going to demand one)! The happiness on their face when you gift them a bandana or new toy or their favorite food can be the best Easter present you can ever get!

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We wish you and your pet/s a happy, holy, and blessed Easter!