As spring approaches, you head to the local garden store to stock things up and to freshen up your flower beds, backyard landscape, or garden. Oblivion to the fact that you bring along with you some poisonous things that may harm to your furry friend. Though all substances may not be harmful, you need to be aware of the dangers lurking in with gardening that could prove fatal to your furry pal.     

Let’s walk you through the garden dangers to avoid for your pet’s safety.

Poisonous Flora

Spring is the season of blossoms and you will find plenty of them around with your own backyard involved. However, there are numerous shrubs and herbs indoors & outdoors that tend to be toxic for your pet pal. To name a few – castor bean, castor oil plants, lilies, and berries. Thus, the safest thing is not to plant them or weed them off to prevent toxicity emergency in your furry friend.


It is apparent that the demand and use of fertilisers invariably rises during the season of spring to garner the beauty of blooms. But, how far these chemicals can’t harm your pet? Generally, fertilisers come in liquid, solid, or granular form containing the additives like pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, iron, zinc, and copper. Moreover, certain fertilisers also include fungal and bacteria toxins, which when ingested by your furry pal can lead to serious consequences. To avoid such known dangers, try not to use such chemicals and if required, ensure that your pet does not come in contact with these substances.

Slug & Snail Baits

Slugs and snails are commonly seen in the yard during the season and therefore most people use slug & snail baits to get rid of them. But not all pet parents know that these baits are too harmful for their pets. Usually, these slug baits are sold as granular pellets which look like kibbles or treats, to which pets are usually attracted towards. And, the tragedy takes here as these are a quite common form of poisoning seen in pets. So, if plausible try to avoid the use of these baits.


Usually, insecticides are used in huge quantity to keep both gardens and houses free from insects and bugs. Unknowingly, these products pose danger to your pets due to the toxicity in these chemicals.

Cocoa Mulch

Although cocoa mulch is not common in Australia, many garden & chocolate lovers can’t resist it. And, especially during the spring, they cherish to soil it down and get attracted to its sweet smell, attractive appearance, and low maintenance. Contrarily, cocoa mulch is extremely toxic to your furry friends, especially when curious dogs have access to the outdoors. Therefore, the important stand to take here is; if you’ve an outdoor pet avoid planting cocoa mulch.

You would definitely spring up with ‘Spring’ blooming in for that verdant backyard but how well are you prepared to keep your pet safe from spring dangers. Don’t forget that the season also brings with it a swamp of fleas and ticks. And, flea and tick treatments are the best shields that help protect your pet against harmful flea and tick infestations.