Choosing the apt food for your pet is one of the tedious things for many pet parents. They are always in dilemma, whether to choose Wet Canned food or Dry food and often ask their Vets. The funnier part is that even Vets have different opinions about which formula is better. Hence, there is an ongoing and unending debate among pet parents. Some believe canned food is better and some believe in feeding their pet Dry food. However, there are some parents who feed a mix of canned and dry food to balance out one’s cons with the other’s pros and vice versa.

So, you also might be wondering which one is better or you might already have an opinion about it and feeding your pet the formula you think is apt for your pet. It all depends on the likings of your pet and the suitability of the food. As long as your pet is healthy and has an ideal weight you need not worry about the formula.

However, let’s go through the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Wet and Dry Food.

Wet Canned Dry Food
A bit more expensive than Dry food of equal quality It is more cost effective than wet canned food of equal quality
Once opened it can spoil soon Remains fresh for more time
More moisture from 78% moisture to 82% moisture in food that has gravy. This helps in maintaining the water intake in dogs and cats suffering from urinary tract problems Less moisture- Around 6% to 10%. Which means you will have to keep your pet hydrated by other means.
More protein and fats and low carbohydrate value than dry food More carbohydrates and less protein than the other formula
Wet canned food is more palatable for many cats because it resembles their natural food. Wet and filled with protein. Good for Dental health as dogs and cats have to chew it more
The food requires proper feeding and has to be fed as meals Easy to feed and can be put in open for your pets to eat slowly while they can also play with the food.
Compared to Dry food it has less energy High Energy
Has to be refrigerated after opening the can. Nevertheless, the closed food has got a longer shelf life doesn’t spoil easily Very easy to store even after you open the pack.


Which Brands To Choose To Buy The Best Dry And Wet Canned Food?

There are many brands in the market that would provide all the needed nutrition to your pet. You just need to choose the products according to your pet’s need. Some pets require more protein while others require more carbohydrates thus it depends on the requirements.

Here Is the List of the Best brands in the market –

Hill’s Prescription Diet  

Hill’s Science Diet


Balanced life

Royal Canine

Black Hawk

And there are many more brands that can be trusted for the best quality wet and dry food.

Your pet is what you feed him so it doesn’t matter wet or dry you should feed your pet the food his/her body needs.

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