Arthritis is quite uncommon in felines, but it is one of the most painful diseases that your feline can ever face. The problem is that cats are generally pretty good at hiding their pain, which makes it even more difficult to recognise that they are suffering from this painful ordeal. This makes the job of a cat owner even more difficult. It needs to be noted that arthritis has a direct impact on the elbow joint. But other joints can also be affected due to this disease.

Let us now clear some of the nagging doubts that cat owners have about arthritis in their fur babies:

NAGGING DOUBT NO. 1: How Do I Know If My Kitty Is Suffering From Arthritis?

RESOLUTION: If your kitty is suffering from arthritis, she might slow down due to stiffness, lethargy, swelling of joints, discomfort and decreased flexibility when you try to handle her in certain positions. She may also depict these behavioural changes: 

  • Decreased activity
  • Reluctance to jump, run or climb stairs
  • Lapsed litter box habits as a result of pain caused by getting in and out of the box 

NAGGING DOUBT NO. 2: What Leads To Arthritis in Cats? 

RESOLUTION: Due to age, it has generally been observed that joints degenerate. Cartilage acts as a cushion between the bones at a joint. Due to old age, the cartilage worsens and becomes less flexible. It has been observed that arthritis can happen in cats due to dislocation, infection in the joints or injury. Also, an extra weight can add extra stress on the joints of the kitty. 

NAGGING DOUBT NO. 3: What Is The Process of Diagnosing Arthritis in Kitties? 

RESOLUTION: You need to take your kitty to the veterinarian who would conduct a physical exam by taking radiographs and other diagnostic tests which will aid him in determining the exact cause of inflammation and pain in the joints of the cats. 

NAGGING DOUBT NO. 4: Which Cats Are More Prone To Arthritis? 

RESOLUTION: Arthritis is more common in older cats since their joints degenerate naturally during the aging process. But it can even happen due to an injury,  infection or trauma in cats of all ages. 

NAGGING DOUBT NO. 5: What Is The Treatment For Arthritis In Cats? 

RESOLUTION: Once the symptoms of arthritis develop, it is very difficult to cure it. But you can take your fur baby to the veterinarian to minimise her pain. There are several treatment options encompassing: 

NAGGING DOUBT NO. 6: Should I Exercise My Arthritic Cat? 

RESOLUTION: You need to consult with your veterinarian and then set an exercise regimen for your feline. Start with short, gentle play and then slowly and gradually increase the intensity. But always avoid vigorous play like jumping, turning and leaping during the exercise regimen. 

NAGGING DOUBT NO. 7: What Should I Do To Make My Arthritic Cat Feel More Comfortable? 

RESOLUTION: Follow these things to make your arthritic feline feel comfortable: 

  • Provide a soft and cosy blanket/cat bed
  • Give her a gentle massage when she is at ease in a relaxed position
  • Groom those areas of the cat’s body which are very difficult for her to reach
  • Ensure that she has easy and direct access to the litter box, food and water bowls 

Now that we have resolved all your nagging doubts, you need to ensure that your fur baby does not suffer from this disease by ensuring that she is safe from an injury or wear and tear of her joint tissues. This way you will have a healthy and happy kitty, who would be able to make your household a living heaven!!!!

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