A pet parent often finds himself in dilemma when he has to buy food for his beloved pet. He wanted to make sure that his pet receives the best and right food to maintain his health. But, what adds to his confusion is the availability of multiple pet foods and added difficulty in choosing the best pet food out of these to suit his furry friend’s food requirements.

Consider These Points to Help Yourself in Buying the Right Food for Your Pet


The nutritional requirement in pets differs depending upon their age.  As a pet parent buy food that caters to your pet’s age. Most pet foods highlight on their packs the particular age category. Choose the pack, which suits your puppy, adult or senior pet.


Different pet breeds have different food requirements. For instance, the dietary need of a German shepherd is different from the dietary requirement of a Beagle. The varied anatomical and digestive system of both the dogs requires them to be fed with different diets meeting their body needs. Therefore, choose the food specific to your pet breed.

Check Ingredients Which May Cause Food Allergy

Your pet may have developed, over a period of time, sensitivity to certain food ingredients. It is best to know about these ingredients, which may cause allergy in your pet. Check the ingredients and contents of the food on the pack and refrain from buying, if it contains those suspected ingredients.

Pet’s Personal Taste

You may have chosen the diet, which suits your pet’s age, breed and nutritional requirements. However, if the food does not get the approval from your pet then what will be its use? Therefore, it is important to select a diet, which along with appropriate nutritional value also satisfies your pet’s taste. You must know whether your pet likes dry food, wet food or a combination of both. Some prescription diets also come in different flavours to savour your pet’s taste buds.

Current Health Condition Of Your Pet

The current health of your pet determines his nutritional requirements. If your pet is battling with arthritis, then he is required to be fed with a diet comprising of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate elements.

If a pet is obese then a pet parent needs to reduce his calorie intake. Thus, need to choose the diet accordingly. At the same time, if a pet is dealing with any medical problem then he is required to be given a vet prescribed diet.

Therefore, choose the pet food taking note of your pet’s current health condition.

Whether you own a dog or a feline, the above mentioned points would help you select the right dog or cat food. If you still find yourself in troubled waters, do visit your vet and clear your doubts, pertaining to your pet’s dietary requirements.

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