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Product Information

Credelio for Dogs

Credelio for Dogs is a tasty chewable tablet indicated for the treatment of flea and tick infestations. It kills fleas and eliminates paralysis ticks as well on dogs. The clinically proven formula kills 100% fleas within 2 hours of administration. Credelio shows the efficacy for one full month against paralysis ticks, brown ticks and bush ticks. The oral formula starts killing fleas and ticks within 4 hours. The best of this formula is that it not only kills existing fleas but also newly emerged fleas on dogs before they can lay eggs due to its rapid action. It provides long lasting efficacy and protects dogs against flea allergy dermatitis.

It is suitable to be administered to puppies from 8 weeks of age who have achieved a minimum body weight of 2.5kg

Key Benefits

  • A monthly beef-flavoured oral chewable tablet that treats tick and flea infestations
  • Demonstrated >95% efficacy for a full month against Paralysis Ticks
  • Starts to kill fleas within 2 hours of administration, with fleas being eliminated within 6-12 hours
  • Effectively treats Bush ticks and Brown Dog ticks
  • Breaks the flea life cycle by killing fleas before they can lay eggs
  • Helps to control flea allergy dermatitis

More Information

Ingredients: Lotilaner

Manufacturer: Elanco

Brand: Credelio


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Credelio is quality

A top quality flea and tick treatment for my dogs.

- Ferdinand
Jan 18, 2021