June 2018

Why Your Elderly Dog Barks More?

Is your elderly dog barking incessantly? Does he seem to bark on just about anything? Although barking is completely normal for dogs, they seem to bark more than usual when they grow old. Excessive barking in dogs of any age… Continue Reading →

How Are Joint Care Supplements Beneficial For Dogs?

As the dogs age, they face mobility issues which makes them slow down in all the physical activities. They are unable to run or play as fervently as they used to, once. This gradual decline in the pet’s activity occurs… Continue Reading →

Can You Use Human Shampoo On Your Canine

The most prevalent dilemma pet owners have when it comes to bathing their furry companions is whether human shampoo is fine for dogs or not. Some of us feel human shampoo is perfectly ok to use on our pets; however,… Continue Reading →

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