February 2017

Worried about Grooming Long-Haired Cats? Here Are 5 Easy Steps to Follow

Your long haired cat is your commitment to give her the best grooming and make her look the most attractive – an envy of most of your pet friends. It is not just having that long haired cat and forgetting… Continue Reading →

General FAQs About Ear Mites in Dogs & Cats

Many pet parents are not aware of ear mite danger in their pets. At some or other time of their life, whether it is a dog or a cat, they face with ear mite problems. In spite of taking care… Continue Reading →

25 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Furry Valentine

Valentine Day is a special day for us filled with lots of expectations of love and romance. The feeling goes beyond imagination when it comes to our furry partners. Pet being an inevitable part of our lives, we miss not… Continue Reading →

How to Treat a Dog Wound?

Dogs will be dogs only owing to all kinds of mischief they do. And, into all this, they get hurt sometimes, cutting or bruising themselves. There comes time when pet parents need to be proactive and try to help them… Continue Reading →

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