Are You Confused Choosing A Bird? These are the things you need to know

After a long discussion with your family members, you have decided to keep a bird as a pet. Your decision has made you land in front of your laptop to browse and explore which bird to choose. While exploring the… Continue Reading →

A Veterinary Diet Food to Protect Your Dog’s Joints

Is your pet struggling hard to get up on their leg after sitting or lying down for a long time? Or facing problem to move freely? Then this an indication that your pet has some problem in their joints. Following… Continue Reading →

Best Boxing Day Ritual For Your Pet This Year

Hold your breath! The show is not yet over. There is something special in the day, which comes after Christmas. Boxing Day for many, is the extension of the festive spirit that Christmas brings in their life. The day gives… Continue Reading →

New Year With Your Pet: A Reason To Rejoice

“The Year That Came To An End.” This is the first thought we encounter when we look back to think of the year that, is going to end. Many memories particularly those spent with your furry pal now will be… Continue Reading →

Dos And Don’ts This Christmas for Your Pet

Oh! The long wait is going to an end. Yes, Christmas – the festival of lights is now just a matter of few days to bless our life and to fill our hearts with gratitude and warmness.  Every festival brings… Continue Reading →

Black Friday? Shop Hard For Your Pets !

Huge round of applause for those who are ready with their shopping lists! Some people must be like shopping for what?? So, here is a disclosure of happiest news for some shopping addict people. Black Friday shopping deals are nearing… Continue Reading →

Steps to De-worm the Horse Using Paste Form of Treatment

To administer any treatment in proper way ensures that the pet has accumulated its entire ingredients and will be benefited undoubtedly. There are countable treatments that controls, treats and prevents the horses from various parasites. Common mode of treatment for… Continue Reading →

This Summer, Gear Up to Protect Your Pets Against Fleas and Ticks

As summertime approaches, almost pet owners get ready with their furkids to enjoy all that the season has to offer. Whatever your plan or whichever place you will visit this summer, you obliviously don’t want any unwanted guest to ruin… Continue Reading →

Dogs Fleas and Cats Fleas: Interesting Facts You Should Know

Fleas… tiny, bloodsuckers which are well-known for infesting your pets, your entire home and sometimes even attack on you. They take the blood of animals as a meal. In fact, fleas can’t fly because they are wingless, but they have… Continue Reading →

An Approach Towards Mentally Agile Pets

Your canine is smart, actually he is the smartest!!Among all other pets in your neighborhood.  swifty,swirly and playful all these characteristics sums up into adorable canine .But what’s next?? Is this the final level of intellect and activeness you want… Continue Reading →

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