What You Should Know About Heartworms?

Teaching an Old (Or Young) Dog New Tricks

Be it a small puppy or an adult senior dog, it is never too late to teach your canine new tricks. Dogs are generally quick learners, and teaching them a new trick or two is fun for both you and… Continue Reading →

Best Natural Remedies For Ear Infection In Dogs

Are you the kind of pet parent who always checks up on his dog for infections? If yes, then you’re an excellent pet parent! If you sometimes forget to pay attention to your dog’s health, it’s okay, your pooch won’t… Continue Reading →


Choosing the apt food for your pet is one of the tedious things for many pet parents. They are always in dilemma, whether to choose Wet Canned food or Dry food and often ask their Vets. The funnier part is… Continue Reading →

Signs Your Dog Is Suffering From Toothache

Dental diseases are as common in pets as they are in humans. The only difference is that pets can’t tell you if they’re suffering from any periodontal disease. Toothache can be debilitating for dogs if you don’t pay attention to… Continue Reading →

Effective Ways Of Getting Rid Of Fleas

Fleas are very annoying creatures. Their main aim is to feed on cats and make their life miserable. Flea infestation can cause itching and restlessness in your cat. This can cause problems for both you and your cat as fleas… Continue Reading →

How to Encourage Your Dog to Eat Healthy Food?

Getting dogs to eat healthy food is always tricky. Don’t you wonder how people get their dogs to eat vegetables so easily? Usually, dogs try to stay as far as they can from fruits or vegetables. They’d rather eat table… Continue Reading →

Tips To Have Fun With Your Pet This Easter

Easter time it is! Time to cut-off yourself from the hush-gush work schedule and turn-on your festive mode. The season of Easter sale and discounts is just on its way to filling your shopping carts. Children are eagerly waiting for… Continue Reading →


Social media is chokers with the dog and other pet accounts because of the cuteness and positivity they spread. For many people, it is a stress buster and hence they love to scroll through quirky and swanky pictures of the… Continue Reading →

Dental Disease in Dogs – Tried and Tested Ways to Prevent Them

Normally, the condition of your pet’s mouth showcases his overall health. The dental health plays a significant role for the overall wellbeing. Therefore, every pet parent has to understand why they need to keep their pet’s teeth clean and free… Continue Reading →

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