Coughing And Gagging In Dogs: Causes And Treatments

Coughing in dogs is not a rare condition; almost each and every dog will experience/have experienced coughing in his/her lifetime. But often dog parents take the coughing casually and administer cough suppressants straightaway. However, that is not the correct approach… Continue Reading →

Top Reasons Why Birds Make Perfect Pets

It might be high time to get over this dilemma of adopting a pet. Where the majority of people are crazy for cats and dogs, you may always want to go for the same. But, before moving ahead, it is… Continue Reading →

Three Pet Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

Pets form an integral part of our lives, and we cannot imagine a day without them. They also teach us how to live life and many more things than we can think of. And since they are so valuable to… Continue Reading →

How To Keep Your Dog Warm And Comfortable This Winter

Dogs are protected with their fur and coat that are a nature given protection to survive through winters. However, many times it happens that dogs do get ill during winters. Hence, fur and coat are not enough to guard your… Continue Reading →

Most Recommended Dog Joint Supplements Of 2019

Joint issues bring agonizing pain and suffering to your beloved dog. Nothing is worse than the sharp pain that shoots right up to the body and causes great distress in your Fido. It’s even worse for dogs as they can’t… Continue Reading →

Dog Wound Care – A Complete Guide For An Injured Pet

Injuries and wounds are part and parcel of a dog’s life. They are prone to accidents and land themselves in trouble every now and then because of their curious and exuberant nature. While some wounds are minor and can easily… Continue Reading →

What You Should Know About Heartworms?

Teaching an Old (Or Young) Dog New Tricks

Be it a small puppy or an adult senior dog, it is never too late to teach your canine new tricks. Dogs are generally quick learners, and teaching them a new trick or two is fun for both you and… Continue Reading →

Best Natural Remedies For Ear Infection In Dogs

Are you the kind of pet parent who always checks up on his dog for infections? If yes, then you’re an excellent pet parent! If you sometimes forget to pay attention to your dog’s health, it’s okay, your pooch won’t… Continue Reading →


Choosing the apt food for your pet is one of the tedious things for many pet parents. They are always in dilemma, whether to choose Wet Canned food or Dry food and often ask their Vets. The funnier part is… Continue Reading →

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