Steps to De-worm the Horse Using Paste Form of Treatment

To administer any treatment in proper way ensures that the pet has accumulated its entire ingredients and will be benefited undoubtedly. There are countable treatments that controls, treats and prevents the horses from various parasites. Common mode of treatment for… Continue Reading →

This Summer, Gear Up to Protect Your Pets Against Fleas and Ticks

As summertime approaches, almost pet owners get ready with their furkids to enjoy all that the season has to offer. Whatever your plan or whichever place you will visit this summer, you obliviously don’t want any unwanted guest to ruin… Continue Reading →

Dogs Fleas and Cats Fleas: Interesting Facts You Should Know

Fleas… tiny, bloodsuckers which are well-known for infesting your pets, your entire home and sometimes even attack on you. They take the blood of animals as a meal. In fact, fleas can’t fly because they are wingless, but they have… Continue Reading →

An Approach Towards Mentally Agile Pets

Your canine is smart, actually he is the smartest!!Among all other pets in your neighborhood.  swifty,swirly and playful all these characteristics sums up into adorable canine .But what’s next?? Is this the final level of intellect and activeness you want… Continue Reading →

Discover Essential Nutrients For Your Pooch

Nutrients act as fuel for body. Living creatures have their nutritional demands and it should be fulfilled for their overall health including pets too. Lack of nutritive food makes them nutrient deficient and unhealthy. Dog’s body just needs basic four… Continue Reading →

Think Before You Use Flea and Tick Products on Your Pet

Fleas and ticks are more than just nuisance – they can lead your pet and also human to health risks. These pesky parasites usually suck your pet’s blood; even suck human blood; and can transmit several diseases and infections. In… Continue Reading →

6 Issues That Requires Immediate Vet’s Attention

A critical situation can befall on you without a warning. You should always be prepared for any impromptu action that you’ll have to take to ensure the safety of you and your beloved family. Having a pet or adopting one,… Continue Reading →

5 Imperative Kitten Training Tips

Kittens are the cutest little ball of furry pets that you adore to snuggle around with. The younger the cat, the more responsibility you have on your shoulders of how to take care of them. The young age is the… Continue Reading →

Heartworm Disease is Fatal for Pet: How to Deal with It?

Is your pet protected by monthly heartworm preventive treatments? If NO, then he/she has a high risk of getting infected with heartworms. This is potentially fatal infection condition that leads your dog or cat having severe lung disease, heart failure,… Continue Reading →

Tips And Tools To Curb Fleas

Cleanliness and sanity around your yard is of prime importance to keep the diseases away.Filth   and dirt are contributory factors,promoting the infestation of fleas around you and your pet.These tiny creatures don’t need much space to establish their kingdom,once they… Continue Reading →

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